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    Rana Goodman

    lynda.parets  A concerned resident of SCA writes

    Let me start by saying I have no dog in this fight. I am a renter therefore I have no voting power.

    Over a year ago the company I work for loaned me out to the Foundation Assisting Seniors to help them with administrative work since they have no paid employees.

    This past year because of the separation and divisiveness of the Community Service Group, my responsibilities now include taking requests for durable medical equipment and making sure they get delivered and or picked up. Over the past several months the Foundation has loaned out equipment to some of the same people who seem to come after the Foundation as if they were poachers or squatters. I’m somewhat surprised that they feel it necessary to bite the hand that helps them. These people seem to forget that if it weren’t for the Foundation, they couldn’t arbitrarily drop by the Foundation office to pick up equipment, (we had eight people this past week do so), or call and request equipment.

    Now I started this out by telling you I have no dog in this fight, but what I do have is fight in THIS dog.  I guess I don’t understand why the same people who over and over again use the services of the Foundation for medical equipment, would come after them.

    I can tell you from experience that 90% Plus of the durable medical equipment is loaned out to this community, Sun City Anthem. Why you would ever want to move them from this convenient location or disparage their name is way beyond me.  I cannot tell you how many times a week I get told “God bless you” or “Thank You for being here”.   Or even worse, ” you made my spouse’ last few days comfortable by providing the medical equipment I didn’t HAVE to worry about.”

    The argument with the board and the management is strictly that ..the argument with them. The Foundation has been dragged into this and it’s sad. They will always exist no matter the outcome, but I think it’s kind of silly that you’re fighting about a piece of property that was initially created and negotiated so that they would be on property in the event of need.

    I cannot tell you how many times myself or one of the Board of Trustees have come to the store room after hours, at night, on weekends etc. to help someone in immediate need of durable medical equipment. We are bunch of seniors who daily grow older and sometimes more infirmed than we thought possible.

    Why would you want to remove a service from our property that provides the luxury of not having to spend money for medical equipment and provides it in a fast, efficient service.  This is the back half of our lives, we should be enjoying it instead of bickering about it.

     Lynda Parets

    Norman McCullough


    There are some situations that need to be clarified. There are two types of Anthem Cards Issued. One is for a property owner, and a second is for a renter or someone who is living in a home owned by someone who is not.

    Some past Board member’s lied and claimed I was a property owner and then took money from me. They also denied me access to use the exercise equipment that I paid to use. That is a violation of a seniors rights and the State of Nevada knows it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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