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    Rana Goodman

    This poem is an analogy about the building of human character, not the construction of a building. A parent plays the first role of laying the foundation and lays the first bricks before turning it over to a young adult. Those first bricks lay a key role in determining success or a long struggle. If that structure of character is as strong as its weakest part, the the parent’s role is imperative.



    Every destination, someone laid down a path.
    Before the path was foundation, if someone did the math.
    Each rung of the ladder, is one more step toward strength.
    Each step is an important, as the first, the second, or tenth.
    A goal without a journey, is an end without a means,
    And all that effort, will never amount to a hill of beans.

    If the structure we build, is to only see or touch,
    Then the steps we skip, don’t seem to matter much.
    When the structure falls the cause was laid before,
    Not one stone left upon another, of what remains no more.
    How foolish it is, to build a house upon the sand,
    For a short lived view, of what was thought so grand.

    If a life has no foundation, its flower may never bloom.
    In the midst of all the effort, failure will always loom.
    A parent lays the foundation, for a child to go from there.
    But if the parent makes no effort, trouble is a constant snare.
    You cannot build a foundation, after you build a wall.
    How quickly you shall learn, you can’t walk before you crawl.

    If you tear it down, and build it all from scratch,
    Build on a rock of values, for a solid creature to hatch.
    Built brick by brick, the structure will rise,
    Conceived in strength of faith, not appearance or size.
    How long it stands, will depend on how it starts,
    And the measure of its end, is the sum of all its parts.


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