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BREAKING NEWS Board Seat to Remain Vacant

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    Dan Roberts

    Anthem Today just received word that the vacated seat on the board, (the result of my Rana’s resignation) in October will remain vacant until the regular election season ending in May.

    Now I realize that my PILL (partner in love & life) is irreplaceable, however, we were aware that there were at least two candidates who volunteered to fill the seat until the election.

    Apparently they were rejected by the board. No reason was given for their determination of a non-selection. Perhaps it’s another of their “confidentiality fiduciary” requirements.

    This is your board in action. And you wonder why good and caring people were either forced out or refuse to even consider volunteering.

    So much for transparency.

    Martin Winger

    Where are any comments about “Waldo,” er’ Wendy?  Did she disappear into oblivion?  All so strange especially after all the back and forth to get on the board.  Very odd at best.

    Dan Roberts

    This comment just in

    It is unfortunate this Board reaches out to members to fill a vacant Board seat and then decides not to fill the seat. After, people like you step forward ( Plus you had a substantial amount votes in this election).

    What message does this send? However, it is not surprising, considering this Board is inept to the core! It is as though they didn’t get a qualified puppet and decided no one is better for their purpose.

    ***Is an explanation from the Board available?
    ***Ask for one via comments at tomorrow’s Board meeting?
    ***Is it known how many people applied?
    ***Apparently it is not required for them to add a Board member?

    In the end it doesn’t matter, with this group of “spineless” fools, they already march together to the extent Clarkson allows it. Your better off without tagging along with this group.


    Rana Goodman

    WOW…….bias & politics rejecting volunteers for a job!!!!!?????
    Hmmmmmmm I wonder who are the brave souls who would even choose to go into the “cage”??????

    Jan & Sam

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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