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    Last night’s SCA board meeting held some surprises and confirmation of items that Anthem Today knew about but wanted to see confirmation of what we already knew.  In that respect, we were not disappointed.  There were more attendees there than usual and my personal opinion was that one major reason was the supposed results of the recall petitions were to be announced.

    The results of the recall petitions were announced as follows:

    Rex Weddle-758 valid, 85 invalid

    Tom Nissen-736 valid, 85 invalid

    Aletta Waterhouse-734 valid, 81 invalid

    Robert Burch-713 valid, 72 invalid.

    Therefore, three out of the four board members will be on the ballot to be sent out to all legitimate homeowners to vote to remove them or not.  Burch escaped by two votes.  To complicate all this, there are at least 50 more petition signatures being held, which were handed in late after the initial recall petitions were submitted and not initially submitted to SCA.  An inquiry will be made to the Ombudsman to see if they can be additionally submitted.

    A warning was issued by Rex Weddle that instructions accompanying the ballots, must be followed to the letter in submitting each ballot.  Any deviation or alternative interpretation of these instructions will INVALIDATE the ballot.  SCA will not accept any ballot mailed back to them.  Ballots MUST be sent to the accounting firm that will be counting them and received by October 26, 2017 by 5:00 PM.  At first the ballots were going to be sent out on October 2, 2017, BUT THAT HAS CHANGED!  Ballots will be sent out on October 9, 2017.  That is a relatively slim window to vote and return any ballot.  The BOD chose to take the minimal window to make things harder for many owners who are not here and won’t return for a month or two. (It’s called stacking the deck!)

    Of the ballots returned, 2501 for removal must be received for each board member in order for them to be removed from the board.

    Anthem Today had heard that the remaining board members were “chomping at the bit” to replace board member Nona Tobin BEFORE THE Real Estate Division makes a determination if the removal of Tobin was illegal or not.  The person they approached to replace Nona Tobin is James Coleman, president of the African American Heritage Club.  The board never announced they were seeking a replacement nor when this decision was made (IN A PRIVATE MEETING?).

    When Rana Goodman, owner of the web site Anthem Today, publicly questioned the rush to replace Nona BEFORE the Real Estate Division finished their investigation of the multiple Intervention Affidavits filed with them on this subject, Rex Weddle literally blew her off by saying, “we have business to take care of and have every right to fill empty positions”… This is true, however, is Rex then telling us that 6 board members are not capable of conducting the business of the board and therefore need Mr. Coleman to accomplish that goal? Very interesting! 

    Weddle also announced that the 2018 budget they approved last night would have no increase in dues for next year.  But what did not go unnoticed, was the fact that through August of this year as stated by CFO, Jim Orlick, there is a “small” deficit and increase in legal fees.  That was no surprise to us and many others.

    Weddle also announced that they would not allow part of the empty restaurant space to be temporary used by clubs and homeowners for a social hour and place to gather for “happy Hour”.  He went on to say that they would have had to submit that for a vote to all homeowners for that to occur. (END OF STATEMENT)

    It was also announced that Vice President, Art Lindberg, would be the liaison to Anthem Council.  In addition, Anthem Today had heard prior to this meeting that CAM, Lori Martin had submitted her resignation and will be moving on to some other position elsewhere.  It was also mentioned that she received an additional certificate for her CAM background.  We happen to know that it came from CAI (Community Institutions Association) and has NOTHING to do with what is required by the state of Nevada nor by NRS rules.  Furthermore, it is comprised of many HOA attorneys including some very bad ones in my humble opinion.

    Finally, when those in the audience were allowed to comment, and former SCA president, Jean Capullupo  came to the microphone, we had had enough considering her questionable reign as president, and left.

    As they say, “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over and the fat lady sings”.  The Ombudsman’s office has been notified this morning regarding several of the above issues mentioned.  Tune in for more news from Anthem Today.

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