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    Rana Goodman

    A Subscriber writes:

    My name is Jaye and I reside in SCA neighborhood within Anthem community. One of the biggest threats to senior citizens is their personal information posted on the internet from various data brokers in which a nefarious person can easily use to commit fraud or worse.

    By simply looking up a person’s name, one is informed by various URLs that you go by. *A data broker sites appear which show your full name, birth date,  current and previous add any name, addresses, phone numbers, et al. is the worst data broker as it presents a detailed map of your home as well as naming your relatives, friends and the neighbors who live on the same street.

    The Nevada Internet Privacy Law SB 220 is supposed to protect those of us who reside here from data broker sites that do not allow an Opt Out function. Unfortunately,’s Opt Out procedure demands more information in Required Fields, to do so thereby providing them with even more info—then, crickets, nothing happens. The Opt Out feature is useless.

    The BBB has many complaints and a scant amount of resolved issues. shows only a 3% chance of this site doing anything to take one’s personal info off as well as off other search engines.

    I’ve left messages at the Attorney General’s office but have yet to get a callback. 

    What can residents of Nevada—especially senior citizens—do to data brokers who offer a bogus Opt Out or do not comply with Nevada SB 220?  A fine of $5000 seems like a small amount SB220 warns but considering the millions of folks living in Nevada who most likely do not want their personal info on the internet, that fee could multiply exponentially.

    Rana, —a lot of important resources and connections that can put that SB220 Nevada Internet Privacy law in action and take down large data brokers like that is a threat to privacy and a major resource used to commit fraud—especially to elderly folks.

    Thank you, for your feedback/help in this matter..

    My highest regards to you, Rana, and Dan for being The Voice, mighty advocates for us senior citizens.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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