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    Rana Goodman

    Every now and then my youngest daughter surprises me with a gift that is right out of left field, this year was no different, although I must admit it was a shock when I first unwrapped it, it was really a perfect gift.

    There in front of me lay a book entitled, I’m Dead, Now What? It is full of pages that, once filled in, document all the things we need our families to have access when we are gone.  However, if you are like the majority of us, you procrastinate at putting pen to paper and making sure that they have this important information when the need arises. The book is published by Peter Pauper Press, available on Amazon.

    Before my father passed away he repeated numerous times “we really need to talk about what, when and how to take care of things when I’m gone.”  The whole idea, even though the logical half of my brain said he was right, seemed so ghoulish to me that the “talk” never happened with him or my mother.  As a result my children and I spent a great deal of time going through boxes of papers, photographs and such that the stress and pain of our loss was repeated many times over.

    SO! as I wish my readers all a blissfully wonderful, and healthy New Year, may I recommend all of you purchase this book, take time to fill out the applicable pages and store it in a safe place your family has access to.

    Several treasures were found that we didn’t know existed in those boxes by the way… A photo taken long ago of my mother with her sisters, all of whom passed away long before she did. I scanned that picture and emailed it to my cousins whose mothers were among the sisters. Because of the time the photo was taken, pre WWII we stunned them all, most didn’t know such a find had been taken.

    The other treasure I found, which will stay in a very safe folder now, was a collection of letters written to my mother during WWII from her youngest sister who passed a victim of Polio at 17 years of age. I will place both of these items with the book and hope my girls will feel about them as I do.


    Jan Palermo

    Excellent insight by your children, as too many peeps will not face reality……prepare a Trust with full instructions, & begin the process of “stuff” elimination early.  I look at the Estate Sale photos, & shudder at how strangers must plow through the years of accumulation.

    Your daughters are brilliant.!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR……….2020 to create peace & happiness within, for all we love!! xoxo

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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