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    Rana Goodman


    On Thursday, May 5, 2017, I was transported back in time and imagined myself back in school as I watched and listened to Rex Weddle lecture Nona Tobin on what he perceived the correct way to structure a sentence.

    Nona wanted to nominate Art Lindberg for president of the board and Rex had just been nominated, this way (paraphrasing) by Bob Burch “I make a motion that Rex Weddle be president for the term 2017-2018”.. We all know you can nominate as many people for any office as anyone wants to….. but heaven forbid Rex gets competition, that was not in the plan set up already…. He loudly chastised Nona that this was not the way things were done! This effort was repeated several times though the meeting with fervor, arms crossed, face scowling… (back in the days when we were kids, school master Rex would have taken little Nona and placed her in the corner for a very long time out) Since we are all adults, it was a disgustingly shameful way to treat another human being and I am proud of Nona for keeping her cool and remaining a lady in every way. I don’t know that I would have been able to do that.

    I was not surprised that the positions were pre-decided, this is usually the case over the years. I was amazed when I realized that Forrest Quinn stood with the “old guard” and that Art Lindberg and Nona Tobin were alone. It was abundantly clear that Nona is going to be treated like a leper and that is not going to be tolerated by this woman if there is anything we can do about it.

    I don’t know about you, but I am so sick and tired of electing people to the board and watching them use it for their own playground. They ostracize anyone who does not march to their drumbeat and treat residents like we know nothing is wrong.

    I think it is time that the board understands that they were voted in by their neighbors and just because the term is for two years, it does not mean they can act as gods for that time.  I don’t believe I am alone when I say we expect respect and in return we will give respect. No one can demand that, you earn it.

    That goes for administration as well. Treat people well, you will be treated with dignity in return. However, if I (or my club) am treated badly or with disrespect, we will fight tooth and nail for what is right regardless of the position the person is in who is making the demands. Be fair, no problem, that is all we ask. We, I, will not be intimidated.

    I have to ask myself, as I look at president Rex, with his arm crossed, (locked off to everyone, If you believe body language), why it has never occurred to these “geniuses” to try being kind. To try a nice and fair approach to getting things done.

    A perfect example would be the age survey that they need signed. They recently had a FREE event, movie on the north lawn. They could have had tickets to that event at the front desk all week, the price, sign the age form. Have a day where they serve coffee and donuts (hey, the board wastes more money than that all the time,) FREE to anyone who has not signed the form. I’d be willing to bet lots would be signed in record time.

    Next we come to the new lawyer; is he going to be a “yes man too”? Jack Silas, who has not been at a board meeting in some time made a statement during member comment about many residents who were very confused about what has happened with the removal of the Foundation Assisting Seniors. He said their services were important to the community and mattered to the older seniors needed help and he felt it was a huge error removing them.

    Rex turned to our new attorney and asked if the removal could be reversed. The attorney said “no, one that was done, it was done”….. SAY WHAT! Has he never heard of a revision of an agreement? Is this lawyer just going to tell the board what they want to hear or is he going to tell us the truth?

    Bottom line, I’m not happy with the start of our new term one bit!


    Rana — and all concerned.

    We have had new Boards elected and new Presidents and Vice Presidents and new Lawyers and new Managers but NOTHING has changed as far as the leadership’s policy of “cover up the past” is concerned. They will lie when ever it is convenient to lie. They will deny and act like every other tyrant who needs to cover up the sins of their predecessors.

    I have been told by the current State Attorney General that he has appointed an investigator to look into some of their current funny business concerning a court case right here in Henderson but it may take a while. I can prove that one of our current Lawyers lied in Court but I just have to wait and see what his investigation turns up.

    Hopefully the Nevada AG will put a stop to the liars and their cover ups. As far as I’m concerned I will not meekly hide away and be silent. I want Justice and I will go fully public if necessary to expose these liars.

    Norman McCullough


    We can always depend on Rana and Norman to tell it like it is.  Since I had to choose the CLC meeting over the BOD meeting (isn’t it amazing they were scheduled at the same time?) I missed the abomination of the Board regarding Nona Tobin.  I was at that meeting for a few minutes and I did witness our great and powerful oz of a president light into her immediately.  It was disgraceful.  But this is the way he treats ANY resident that disagrees with him or tries to challenge his edicts.

    I understand there is already a petition being circulated to recall this BOD.  If anyone knows where this petition can be signed, please let me know.


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