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Are Cameras Needed in the Parking lots of SCA?

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    Rana Goodman

    Are Cameras Needed in the Parking lots of SCA?

    Do you think that cameras should be placed in the parking lots of SCA’s facilities? From a security standpoint of many issues that come to mind bad situations could be helped if there were cameras observing the parking lots at all three centers.

    For example, you get out of your car, no one is around and as you turn to lock your door you slip and fall hurting yourself. What would you do? Do you have the admin office phone number, or the fire department number programmed into your phone, I’d bet not?

    What about an accident occurring in one of the parking lots? The Security Patrol, from what I understand is “observe and report” only so that will not help. Many times, accidents are a matter of “he said, she said” without witnesses, cameras make great observers!

    Although it has never happened that I know of to date, what if you were parking your car at night, you are alone, no one is noticed around you and someone pops up from behind a car to rob or assault you, what would you do? With security cameras monitored by either admin or the patrol you could have help in minutes.

    Calling 911 is an option in case you fall or are hurt in any way, assuming you are able to get to your phone. Although how many of us want to call 911 because we fell? Most of us would not, however as things stand today what choice is there?

    Last year the subject of solar panels over the parking stalls was tossed around at a board meeting, it went nowhere as of this date, but it seems there is money for all kind of projects in our community so how about some spending on safety features that might benefit us all??

    Martin Winger

    Uh Oh…

    Here we go?  As someone who has been THIS BUSINESS (Military, Industrial, and commercial CCTV) for over 45 years, be very careful about what and how you want to see and how you want to record the visuals.  This can get very costly due to the environment and where the placement of the cameras need to be placed.

    Please get all the ducks in a row and be sure to have your RFQ in your hands for your company of choice.  Please understand what equipment you are getting too.

    Another factor is maintenance.  We need to know “going in” that we have some serious environmental considerations too.

    Yes, as was mentioned, we have never had a problem…so what would the budget be to do what you feel would give you the coverages you seek.

    Rana Goodman

    All good points Marty, thank you. The response we have received from readers has been an overwhelming “YES” to the question of wanting them or that is is a great idea. In my opinion, it is certainly worth exploring due to the age range of our community owners. Of course getting the idea to the board for request for quotes is another thing…… I will write a follow up in the next couple of days.



    When I learned that no cameras existed in the Anthem parking lot, I was shocked.  We live in a world where you can’t go anywhere without one.  

    What if the insanity of a restaurant goes forward and UNKNOWN elements enter the community parking lots waiting for an unsuspecting resident in the evening?  Sitting ducks for problems….especially women.

    Not only is this a safety issue, but it’s the best way to spot bogus “slip & fall” claims as well as damage to cars  by individuals who open their doors and damage another vehicle.

    I learned that there is some idea about tearing up the parking lot AGAIN and installing solar panels.  What is the world is that going to cost?

    I’ll go for the cameras any day over the senseless and extremely costly solar panels.


    I also was just informed that any proposed Anthem Center solar panels would block vision of any security matters, another reason why solar panels would create an undue risk to unsuspecting residents and visitors.



    Rana Goodman

    I received so many positive comments on this idea, I plan on forwarding them to the SCA board and maybe we will get some interest there too. Below are a couple of the emails I received that I felt readers might find interesting.


    I do believe cameras in our parking lots could be a worth while service for the SCA residents, but I have another couple of suggestions for consideration.

    There are many SCA residents using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes to assist them in traversing the grounds and community buildings. I see people walking between the cars, attempting to reach the buildings safely. Unfortunately, people in cars don’t always see those walking so slowly or in wheelchairs, and my concern is someday someone is going to get hurt.

    I have suggested there be more handicapped parking spaces close to the community buildings in order to provide less distance for the handicapped to walk or ride to the buildings and to help them arrive at their destination safely. When making this suggestion to Sandy Seddon, I was told all handicapped parking spaces must be almost perfectly level.  SCA spent thousands of dollars on our parking lots last year, but I only saw an extra couple of handicapped spaces in front of the Independence building. It makes no sense to me that with all the grinding and re-pouring of asphalt, they could have made more level spaces for handicapped residents.  We are, after all, a community of 50+, with many residents 70+ and even younger with physical disabilities causing them greater effort to get out of their vehicles and make their way to our buildings.

    Another suggestion would be to add a couple of sidewalks like those in several parking lots for businesses in the area, including the Target parking lot on Sunridge and Horizon. Our sidewalks could be placed in front of parking spaces, where we can all get to the buildings more safely from our vehicles via sidewalks. The sidewalks would not need to be in every isle, but perhaps every one or two isles.

    SCA provides so many amenities for our physically active residents. I believe more effort needs to be expended on amenities for the handicapped.  Safer parking lots would be a good start!

    A Concerned Resident,

    Pat Yeamen

    I am in favor of cameras in the parking lot that are monitored. Yes. 

    We would all have to update our emergency contacts for the membership office, which reminds me to do that soon.  

    And we need more than just one…for those of us who are single. most of us have relatives who are out of state, and friends who do not answer their phones or check their texts regularly. 

    That is why we need at least 3 contacts to be included in the emergency contacts. 

    And of course, we need to update our vehicle’s license plate and description since we may have changed our vehicles. DARN IT,  I have to do that with the membership office also.

    Thank you for your devoted interest in keeping our community safe,


    Linda Krause SCA Homeowner

    Questions that need to be explored:

    1: Who would monitor them? Nobody (just recording). A volunteer (7/24 or how much coverage?). 2: Paid staff? A third party?
    3: Would they be active all the time or use motion detection?
    4: Would they be recorded or just monitored?
    5: How many are needed to avoid blind spots caused by vans, large SUVs , trucks, and trees?
    Cost of the above?
    Barry Rubinson

    As a member of Community Patrol (NOT called Security Patrol) I have long advocated for observation cameras throughout SCA with in-office volunteer monitors to supplement (and maybe even someday replace if we could use drones) the use of vehicles.   I believe the solar project is still alive.

    Shirley Otradovec

    Great idea – spent so much money on paving and landscaping now it’s time to spend some money on something that helps the residence for both security and safety.

    Liz Breier


    Rana Goodman

    UPDATE: In the RJ, 2/25/21 the woman who claimed to be a passenger in the car confessed that there was no attempted car jacking, it was she who killed the driver after a “domestic argument.” She is currently facing murder charges.

    POSTED BY DICK 2/24/21

    If you need another reason as to the importance of cameras in our parking lots, consider the visitor near the M Resort on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

    He was carjacked, run over by his own vehicle, and the perpetrator ran from the scene….not yet apprehended.

    Here’s the TV report from Channel 13.

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