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    Rana Goodman
    By Nelson Orth
    After I read the the email blast below, I was concerned about the impact on the traffic flow around the waterfall, especially during the rush hours. I was also surprised that the City of Henderson (COH) would issue the required permits to allow such a project to proceed. So on Tuesday I visited the COH Traffic Department. Not surprisingly, I discovered that neither Anthem Council, its management company, or their contractor filed for any permits.
    Now you may ask – How could this happen? The only answer I can think of is to consider who is president of Anthem Council. It is our old friend “Queen” Jean Capillupo. She, like the current board, has never been a big proponent of following the law. And as a leader, the only way one would follow her is out of curiosity.
    So, if one sees any interruption in the flow of traffic around the waterfall, simply call Tom Bailey, who is the Enforcement Officer, at (702) 267-3085. I have been assured that he will respond immediately, and shut down that operation. Additionally, I have asked the COH to inform me if Anthem Council or one of its associated organizations requests the permits. Upon notification I will attempt to have all sides heard on the validity of issuing these permits. I do not believe this $200,000 project is necessary, especially since SCA is paying 52% of the cost.
    Additionally, I have discovered that the waterfall and the surrounding area is rat infested. I have contacted the Southern Nevada Health District, and have been informed that it is the responsibility of Anthem Council to correct this problem.
    Norman McCullough


    Thanks for explaining why and who is responsible for this mess. The part about the rats was no surprise tho. We have had our full quota of rats since we went to being “Self Governed”.

    Norman McCullough

    The State of Florida has proposed a condo bill that imposes CRIMINAL PENALTIES on condo crimes. The proposed Florida bill No. HB 1237 includes provisions to increase transparency, avoid board fraud and conflicting activities by condo lawyers. The Bill would also protect their citizens from being victimized by the Home Owner Association they live in and pay dues to.

    In my opinion EVERY State (Especially Nevada) needs to enact the equivalent of Florida bill HB 1237 that protects condo owners from board fraud and from being victimized by an out of control Board of Directors.

    For the first time this condo bill proposes CRIMINAL PENALTIES on condo crimes. But, it also includes provisions to increase transparency, avoid board fraud and conflicting activities by condo lawyers.

    HB 1237 is fast moving through the Florida legislature. It passed the Judiciary Committee yesterday: YEAS 17 NAYS 0! It is expected to be adopted soon.




    Brief bill history of Florida Bill No. HB 1237.

    el Nuevo Herald and Univisión 23 published the series “Condo Nightmare,” an investigation that revealed cases of electoral fraud, forgery, conflicts of interest, alleged misappropriation of funds and fraudulent bids in several South Florida condominiums. See Miami-Herald 2/16/2017 report “State fails to protect condo owners from board fraud, grand jury finds”.…/miami-da…/article131156184.html

    A Miami-Dade County Grand Jury issued its Final Report – Addressing Condo Owners’ Pleas for Help: Recommendations for Legislative Help- on February 6, 2017, nearly a year after the “Condo Nightmare” report was filed.


    You can Read HB 1237 full text here:

    You can Download the Grand Jury Report here:…/20…/02/Grand-Jury-Report-Final.pdf

    You can Read more here:
    “Criminal penalties in proposed condo law spur controversy in Tallahassee”.…/miami-da…/article145337484.html


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