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An Update Regarding SCA and “The” Restaurant

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    Dan Roberts

    An update regarding SCA and “the” restaurant. To have one or not, the choice of the membership?

    By Peter Brown SCA home owner

    A brief background, around March 2020 the previous Board of Directors were set to implement the process of establishing a self-managed restaurant. Then SCA members spoke, in excess of 1000 members opposed going forward with a restaurant until more information was obtained.

    The Board realized the opposition was too great to proceed, so they decided a “survey” of all SCA members would be created and sent to determine the “will” of the members. Their term ended without any effort to begin a survey.

    May 2020 SCA had an election, the restaurant issue was a “hot” issue for this election.

    Wendy Linow, in her election flyer said Move forward to re-open the restaurant as a self managed operation”

    Paul Perlstein in his flyer said “First is resolution of the food service issue at Anthem Center.”

    Richard Pope in his flyer said “Preparing an accurate restaurant analysis.”

    I have submitted the following letter to be presented to the Board at today’s Board meeting (11-19-2020)

    Ms. Sandy Seddon

    Re: SCA November 19, 2020 Board Meeting Comments:

    During the August 27, 2020 Board meeting, the Board President allowed each Director to provide an update as to their efforts on behalf of the SCA members; Director Perlstein’s comments in general were as follows: ( Note: Mr. Perlstein is the Chairman of the restaurant committee(RC) replacing Rana Goodman who was chair until her resignation from the board.).

    1: The RC has met to discuss matters regarding a Restaurant at SCA; he indicated in the meeting to date they have addressed the “Survey” and the “Menu”.

    2: He indicated they still need to get an idea as what we want.

    3:He indicated self-management, or an outside vendor were being considered.

    4: He indicated it is a “production” to put the survey on paper.

    5:Finally, he indicated the RC should have the survey completed in 1 or 2 months.

    My questions or thoughts:

    During the past election, the Restaurant Survey and SCA members preference was a critical issue, where is the urgency?

    Why is the RC committee spending time on a menu; there may be no need for it! The time was to be utilized for a survey to be submitted to members.

    What idea is necessary to know what “they” want? That is the purpose of the survey.

    Has a preliminary survey been drafted; will it be provided to SCA members to allow feedback?

    We are approaching 3 months since the August 27th meeting, what is the status of the survey?

    Shortly this Board will have 5 months left in office, and after 6 ½ months in office and no “draft” survey.

    This brief letter summarizes what this Board has completed to date, it appears very little has been completed; though they have discussed menu items; outside vendors and determined that it is a “production to put the survey on paper.

    A restaurant committee has been started with Perlstein as Chairman (Note he was elected because he has Food industry experience as a Project Manager, Restaurant Developer and Restaurant owner). There have been several SCA members with restaurant background added to the committee.

    A few final thoughts as follows:

    1. Why no minutes for the Restaurant committee?
    2. Why are the meetings not announced?
    3. Where is the “outline” of the objectives for the survey and the summary of the data needed to be presented to SCA members?
    1. When will the draft be made available so SCA members can provide comments before completion?
    1. Will the survey include information for a self-managed restaurant and an outside vendor? Will alternative options be made available such as a multi-purpose space or other options?
    1. Why hasn’t the sole focus of this committee and the entire Board been on the completion of a survey? Why waste time on menu items; outside vendors or anything else?

    The holidays are coming, and it seems the urgency regarding this matter has subsided since the election; at this point one has to question the Board’s ability to accomplish this matter and survey. Certainly, we have to question Perlstein’s ability to perform in a timely manner and to deliver a quality project.

    Peter Brown

    Martin Winger

    Are we back to this, again?

    How many restaurants does Anthem need?

    Seems Mr. Brown is a close to exactly correct he deserves a medal!

    Someone had it right in the past that said, “if you want your restaurant, put YOUR money up to show your support.”  You will make it or not.  Do your thing but not on me.

    So, how many restaurants are there in the general Anthem location….20, 30 at last count.

    Need transportation (?) you have Uber or Lyft now.

    Lets try the old formula of a “Triple Net Lease” to start with.

    Then we don’t have to put up the big bucks for another loser.


    Rana Goodman

    Editor’s note: Peter Brown submitted the following thoughts following the SCA Board meeting of Thursday 11/19/2020

    Restaurant Comments-November 19, 2020 Board Meeting

    Director Perlstein (Restaurant Committee Chairman) stated his remarks regarding the restaurant at the beginning of the Board meeting as follows:

    **The Restaurant Committee (RC) is still working on the Survey.

    **The option of a Multi-purpose usage creates a problem for the RC as none of the Committee members have knowledge or experience regarding establishing a Multi-purpose space. This may require a separate Task Force or may need to be incorporated with the Strategic Planning Task Force.

    **Cost of Survey is expected to be $5,000-$10,000

    **RC met with SODEXO, a nationwide food service company; they assess the current restaurant space and going to have their designers prepare a plan for use of the space.

    **Perlstein indicated no major decision has been made and they are waiting for a proposal from SODEXO. This company also does Grocery delivery; Coffee; Grab and Go.

    Thereafter Director Linow and Anderson expressed excitement about the SODEXO option.


    My thoughts:

    1.    After 6 ½ months the RC is just realizing they do not have the expertise to consider the multi-purpose usage. That is simply unacceptable and poor planning. Remember Perlstein indicates he was a Project Manager. Further, what expertise is needed to include in the survey.

    2.    The estimated cost of the survey is based on what? Where is the outline and objectives the RC intends to include in the survey? If your providing an estimate you must know what will be in the survey including the multipurpose room.

    3.    What was the established objective of the RC? I understood it was to prepare and distribute a survey to SCA residents to determine if any food service was wanted by the community. If so, why is the RC wasting time with SODEXO? The RC focus should be on completing the survey! Why waste SODEXO time also?

    4.    No major decision was made! There is no decision to be made until the survey is completed.

    5.    Perlstein did not address his August 27 Board comments that the survey would be completed in one or two months (October 27 at the latest). He also did not give a new estimated completion date.

    6.    My previous letter and comments were read at the end of the meeting; Perlstein did not respond to my specific questions and concerns. Sandy Seddon, after the Board was silent indicated she would reach out to “Peter” and determine if Perlstein’s earlier comments resolved his questions. Obviously, his comments answered nothing and added more questions and concerns. I will advise Ms. Seddon accordingly.


    Peter Brown


    Having seen Perstein in action, it comes as no surprise that he’s the Forrest Gump of restaurant experience.

    The guy was a loser the first time he ran, was an “accidental” 1 year winner a year ago, but will likely run again in 2021.

    Let’s make sure he’s sent packing in 2021.

    He and Linow are the poster children of what a Board should NOT BE.

    Then again, after the Goodman “coup”, who cares?

    We all know this place is going down the dumper now.

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