An Open Letter To Rex Weddle, Forrest Quinn, Arthur Scheutz & Paul Perlstein

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An Open Letter To Rex Weddle, Forrest Quinn, Arthur Scheutz & Paul Perlstein

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    Rana Goodman

    The following letter was submitted by Dan Roberts:  


    To: Rex Weddle, Forrest Quinn, David Weil, Arthur Scheutz and Paul Perlstein
    From: Dan Roberts

    I must admit that despite my protests and trepidation, I’m getting sucked into the SCA Board election. While I still shake my head in disbelief, I now have a personal interest in the outcome since my PILL (partner in love & life) is one of the candidates.

    Like my Rana, I fully recognize and even admire your commitment and dedication to SCA. And while there are policy differences and vastly different opinions, I can respect and appreciate all points of view.

    But over the last few weeks and surely until the election, my concern is not the content of your brains, but the character of your heart.

    We are all well aware that a community blogger supporting your endeavors. And that’s okay.

    But it is the mean-spirited, vile tone and content of the writings that troubles me. My dilemma is that while I most sincerely believe you are all “gentlemen” I cannot understand how you can sanction, yet alone approve such nasty writings.

    While I have no doubt that you have communicated with this blogger (and of course, there is nothing wrong about that) I cannot believe that you have not urged this blogger to (at the very least) lower the overly aggressive, shameful and personal attacks on the “other” candidates – starting with my Rana.

    As a matter of character, I can’t determine what would be worse – your approval of the wording, or your silence? In the utmost of good faith, I would like to hear from you.

    Notwithstanding the clear policy differences, do you approve of the tone and obvious animosity of this supporter/blogger? Is this type of behavior one that our SCA community should be proud of and embrace?


    Kudos to you Dan.

    You’ll see this on Anthem Opinions for all our readers to view tomorrow morning.

    Mr. Berman’s vicious attacks as well as the demeaning emails that are being sent to those in Sun City Anthem to condemn the New Tradition Team while praising the “machine” he has always been a part of,  are clear indications of his ruthlessness toward any person who opposes him.

    His methods are disgusting and senseless.

    Any individual who would support such activity is of the same crude and cruel caliber.

    Keep up the good work, Dan.





    Rana and Dan.

    After checking the SCA Directory, many of the names of those who post  in that Rabid Dog’s blog there don’t exist.

    There is no “Buddin” or “Banks” in the SCA Directory.

    He’s a fraud.

    To indirectly call Mary Lee Duley a bigot was disgusting and to say I attacked him at Green Valley is a total lie.  Remember I made the Police Report against him and his foul mouthed wife, who is every bit the lunatic he is.

    And I dare that Rabid animal to take a lie detector test.  I will at any time, if he does.

    This community needs to finally acknowledge that he is a sick menace whose poison has made our community a hell for any peace loving individual.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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