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An Open Letter to Ron Johnson

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    Dan Roberts

    Editor’s Note: I thought it would be best to begin my first “Dan’s Anthem Journal” posting by  putting to rest and addressing any innuendo/false statement concerning my residence status in Sun City Anthem. 

    An Open Letter to Ron Johnson

    Dear Ron:

    I am hoping to clear up any concerns you or the “other blogger” may have regarding my residence in Sun City Anthem.

    I must admit that I am disappointed you would accept any unsubstantiated gossip without checking the facts or, at the very least, asking me about my “home ownership” in our community.

    Let me unconditionally state that I am a “homeowner” in the exact same capacity as you are. My and Rana’s home is held “in trust” just like your residence, the “other blogger’s”, the president of the SCA Board of Directors and I suspect a majority of residents.

    If you’re claiming that one must have title in his/her individual name, then I suppose a majority of our board – as well as previous ones, should have been disqualified from serving, or even attending board meetings. You’re not claiming that are you?

    And if you have questions over my Pill’s (partner in love & life) and my trust, here’s my offer – You show me yours; I’ll show you mine.

    Now I realize that such personal financial business is none of anyone’s else’s business, yet would that satisfy you… or perhaps even the “other blogger”? And aren’t you ashamed for just considering this?

    Unfortunately, but apparently, you accepted such statement as true – even though I believe you are wise enough to know that the “other blogger” alleging such nonsense is the same one that hears residents solely by the voices in his head.

    As for my continuing involvement regarding SCA and its cowardly Board, rest assured of one thing – “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

    Stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving.






    Unfortunately for Mr. Johnson, I believe that it might be time,he has a reality check as to both his past and recent spews which now seem to parrot  Vermin incorporated.

    Evidently Mr. Johnson’s memory is lacking since he has in the past heavily criticized the “other blogger” which for some strange reason, has turned to praise.

    Those of us who have resided in SCA for years can remember his heavy criticism of SCA politics with specific attention to the “other blogger’s” influence on association corruption.

    O well, looks like old Ron’s rusted spikes need to be retired.  He is in deep need of a reality analysis.






    Well said! To be honest I have heard the name Ron Johnson, but I don’t know who or what he is; Apparently he writes a blog, fortunately I am not aware of it and have no interest in reading it. In addition, I quit reading, visiting or posting on the other bloggers (sad little man) site, he has no credibility or integrity in my opinion.

    It continues to amaze me these “Senior Adults” in our community have so little in their life, that your personal matters is where they choose to spend their time.

    Personally I wouldn’t give anyone your trust document or anything else, next they will want your tax returns. It is simple, you and Rana are a couple and a presence in our community, certainly you are a greater member of SCA than the thousand of homeowners who do not participate, do not vote and so on.

    Peter Brown

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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