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    Rana Goodman

    To the Anthem Community Council Board, do you look at our communities as you come and go from the Anthem Area? Do you LIKE what you see?

    I have lived in the Anthem communities for the last 21 years and each time I enter of leave my home I cannot help but shake my head, remembering how beautiful the landscape was when I was shopping for my “forever home.”

    These days as I enter Anthem Parkway, I cannot help but notice that, after almost three years, the medians all the down the hill to Eastern Avenue are full of large empty areas containing nothing but dirt, rocks and weeds where plants were removed and never replaced.

    Coming up the hill as I return home the Anthem Center dominates the right side with awesome views of the golf course below. To the left I recall the trees that once greeted visitors with flowers on some, and large trees lining the rest of the way up the road. Those trees are all but gone now, just a small few remain.

    No reason is ever given by the council other than saying the trees were diseased and needed to be replaced. That’s all well and good, now how about replacing them and clearing the weeds?

    On the other side as one leaves the community there are now massive spaces exhibiting rocks and weeds, then a plant or two, more weeds and rock….. WHY? Not a nice welcome for visitors looking to purchase here.

    I attended a council meeting once so that I could ask these questions but as the meeting droned on and on and the only time questions would be allowed was at the end of the meeting, I realized these were several hours of my life I would never get back so I went home and tried to forget my frustration.

    Sun City Anthem, due to our size, pays the largest part of the landscape care fees, thus I don’t think I am crossing any politeness lines expecting to know why we do not get better service from the landscapers.

    I welcome any thoughts from those reading this “rant” Surely I am not the only person who is angry over this.

    There was a time that I used to praise the lush look of landscape along Sun City  Anthem Parkway too, these days I can only say hmmmm ! as I drive by……


    Elizabeth Breier

    I could not agree with you more. There’s so many areas in the community that need to be cleaned up and need new plants. I went to the last Sun City board meeting and I was disappointed that there was no report at all from the council. I’m not sure what they do with all the money. I don’t think our Board knows or cares.

    Rana Goodman

    Submitted by Steve Anderson, SCA Board President

    Rana, Thank you for your open letter to the Anthem Community Council Board.  You are “spot on” in identifying one of the most glaring examples of neglect by an entity that we are forced to rely on for the appearance of our community.

    Personally, I am fed up with the poor performance of the ACC in maintaining the areas that they are responsible for.  I am at a point where I would favor seeing Sun City Anthem withholding payment of any more assessments due to the ACC and putting them into a lockbox until such time that the ACC can come up with a satisfactory plan.

    SCA pays 52% of the ACC budget and I feel that we get little in return.  I am reluctant to wage a legal war with ACC as in the end we would pay for all of our legal costs and 52% of theirs.  Only the attorneys would get rich on that one!

    I am angry about this issue also and like you welcome any thoughts from your readers. I am tired of guessing how high the spring weeds will grow before ACC will do anything about them!

    I encourage everyone to look at the documents found on the Anthem Community Council website:  Use that site to communicate your displeasure with them.  In particular express that displeasure to the board members who do not represent SCA.  Karen Hadrick is the SCA representative and represents us well.  She is one of the seven board members of the Council.

    In response to Elizabeth Breier, the SCA Board does know what is going on or more appropriately not going on with the ACC and does care.  The issue is struggling with an entity that we have been forced into having a legal relationship with and how to get more representation on their Board.  Since the Anthem Community Council Board only meets quarterly, there are often no reports to be made at the SCA Board Meetings until after the ACC meets.



    Elizabeth Breier

    When an item appears on an agenda at a board meeting and the residents are advised “no report”, it leaves us scratching our heads because, as you acknowledge, there are issues.  It would have been preferable to remove that item from the agenda completely if nothing was to be said or better yet, had you, as Board President,, expressed your concerns as you did in your response to Rana and advised that the Board is looking into remedies with ACC through our representatives on that Council it would give us some assurance that someone is in fact watching the store.  I know for a fact that there are members of the community that have been reaching out to the Board for quite some time about the issues with ACC and there has been no indication that anyone cares.  Your response to Rana is at least assuring that maybe someone, sometime will do something about paying out millions and having the community look the way it does.


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