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    Rana Goodman

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m writing this because we have had numerous break-ins, in Sun City Anthem and almost a few home invasions.  Last week my girlfriend’s significant other had his home broken into at 2:10 pm.  He lives on a corner in Tall Mesa, no fence, no security system.  They kicked in the front door and stole jewelry. A neighbor across the street noticed the red, older car,  with a license plate ending in 500 or 800 and saw an African American getting into the passenger’s side and drove away.

    Two days ago, this red automobile was spotted in the village off Eastern en route to Vons.  Two residents watched as the car had 2 African American men and 1 African American woman.  The woman got out and started ringing doorbells at the homes.  If you see this car, please notify the Henderson Police at 311.

    There was another break in in Ridgecrest, one in Pinnacle Village that is gated, and two in Solera.

    Last night our friends in Model Village had a doorbell ring in the evening.  Two white men were standing there asking them if they heard what had happened on Williamsport (a street that is around the corner from them.)  Our friend did NOT open the door and got rid of them.  They then went to the next door neighbor and tried the same scenario at which time that neighbor also got rid of them.  Obviously they want you to open the door and come outside to either assault you and enter or have someone behind the house waiting to enter.

    This past week a neighbor pulled out of her garage and noticed a white panel van that was suspicious.  She turned around and went back into her driveway until the van, that had now parked in front of her home, left.

    We all have to look out for each other.  Two years ago one of our neighbors foiled a home invasion plot against himself and his wife and a year ago I had two men come to our door and taking a page out of this neighbor’s book, I told them I had a gun on them and to leave.  I did call the police and they showed up 45 minutes later, so they were of no help in the event they meant to be persistent and do harm.

    Many of the people living in our homes have firearms, but they only work if you keep them at the ready.  God forbid we will ever have to use them, but they are our protection.  You can help by watching everything around you when you are outside or when you leave.  If there is a suspicious car, circle back and don’t take a chance.

    I don’t know everyone on May Valley Way, I don’t have   Please feel free to forward this to your friends and neighbors no matter where they live in our community.

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