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    “No doubt by now you have heard many extraordinary and inspiring stories of ordinary people demonstrating selfless acts of heroism on that horrific night of October 1 as it is now officially called. In that regard, I am also compelled to recognize two of those amazing yet extremely humble heroes that I will forever hold near and dear to my heart…

    Words cannot express my gratitude to Chad Daoust for shielding his wife,Kimberly Daoust, dear friend Shayna Sweet-Stelpstra, and my sister, Leah Gorden Mealiffe from a stray bullet that lodged itself in his back as he was lying on top of them. He is now recovering back at home in Austin with his precious family along with the shrapnel still lodged in his lung. Chad, you are a hero and an angel. I love your positive attitude and sense of humor that never left you, and that alone is half the battle my friend. My family and I will forever be grateful to you. I am so glad you, Kim, Riley and Morgan are safe back at home in Austin and we are all praying for your full recovery. Good Speed!

    Another extraordinary hero that I witnessed firsthand, is an amazing man a very dear friend and also my date that night, Bill Thornton. It was maybe the first or second round of pops when Bill was one of the first to realize the danger and instinctively threw me down on the ground and covered me with his own body. It was only a few moments later when he , that his friend lying on the ground next to us had actually been shot. Without thought of any unknown harm to himself as bullets were raining down on us for a terrifying 11 minutes, Bill tirelessly performed CPR on his buddy.

    There he was, in the midst of disaster, hysteria, chaos and death, Bill displayed a level-headedness. He was calm, cool and collected. He showed an inner strength as well as an outer strength. Not only that, to this day, as we continue to talk about the events that transpired, he remains humble…and that, to me, is the very definition of a HERO.

    Oh…But, I’m not done…he didn’t stop there…Bill selflessly and courageously, while covered in blood from head to toe, threw himself into the trenches and continued to offer help to any injured person that he could… carrying people on gates and wheelbarrows, for several blocks to place them in cars that took them to nearby hospitals.

    Bill’s care for me, for his friends, and for perfect strangers, took priority over his own safety.

    The precious life of his dear friend, Steve Berger, could not be saved, but there is no doubt in my mind that he assisted in saving many other lives on that horrific night.

    Bill Thornton, I am so grateful to the Lord for your presence that night and feel so blessed that he placed you in my life. Thank you for your incredible bravery and courage. I would not have wanted to go through that with anyone else but you.

    You are a true hero. You are my hero.”?

    “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world”

    1 John 4:4

    Lisa Gorden

    The above is an accounting of what happened to Ms. Gorden, and her relatives and friends. This is one more example of many unsung heroes who unselfishly placed themselves in Harm’s Way to save and help others on the night of the Mandalay Bay Massacre.

    Lisa happens to be a friend of mine and I was worried once I knew she had attended the concert on this fateful night.  I made several inquiries as to her well being and once I found out she was alright, I then found her accounting on a web site.

    She is currently in Minneapolis with one of her “heroes” to attend a funeral service of one of the victims of this massacre who did not survive.  

    I sent this to Rana Goodman who asked if we could get permission to post it and Lisa consented.  It sure places things into perspective as compared to the nastiness and pettiness homeowners are having to endure in our community from the “powers that be”.

    Marcia Kosterka 

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