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    Rana Goodman

    By M. Favil West

    It is not often in life that one has the privilege of knowing and working with a person who so clearly defined the words gentleman and friend. It is not often in life that a man surfaces who is willing to work tirelessly for his community without consideration for personal praise or recognition and, it is not often that we meet and know a man with a defined love for his God, his family, and his country.

    We here at Sun City Anthem are fortunate to have known a man with all of these qualities and more. We called him friend because he had no enemies. We loved him because he was our brother. We respected him because he worked hard for the causes he believed in.

    In life, Bill defined the word gentleman for he was both a gentleman and a gentle man. He defined the word friend for he was always loyal, trustworthy, and true. If you needed him, or if he thought you needed him, he was there for you.

    Bill deeply cared for his wife of some 55 years, Lois,  as well as his children and grandchildren. We all know that Bill’s other passions were the Veterans Club, Channel 99, the FinancClub, investing, and his friends.There were few days of the week when Bill was not working on his computer and most every day he was with friends.

    Bill never sought praise or recognition for the things that he did for the community and his friends. I doubt most of you are aware of his love  and dedication to Sun City Anthem and its residents. Bill was President of the VeteransClub, one of the founders and President of the Finance Club, and one of the early and tireless members of the Channel 99 team. Bill also was dedicated to his home town of Carthage, South Dakota and the Campbell Straw Built Museum named for him.

    Bill was a close and respected friend and, while he is gone now, I know each of us will remember him for the unique part he played in our lives.

    M. Favil West

    December 29, 2019

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