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    Rana Goodman

    A Question of Character – Part 2

    By Dan Roberts

    It starts with that blogger’s Welcome, Readers intro:

     Here you can post your own comments and questions, and you are free to express your (respectful) opinions, whether you agree or disagree with what I or other readers have to say on a subject.

    The ironic part about that sentence is that if there are no comments, have no fear, that blogger

    will post his own under another name(s). And “surprisingly” all such posts speak glowingly of him.

    From SCA resident, C. Carrasquel:

    “David, I’ve been following your advice by sending the links for your wonderful, factual election articles to my personal mailing list of about 85 friends…”

    And from SCA resident: M. Minoso:

    “David, whether I agree with you or disagree with you is irrelevant, because what I do commend you for is your gift, and it is truly a gift, for explaining complex subjects with eloquence and accuracy.”

    There were also other gushing, fawning comments from residents, E. Banks and D. Buddin.

    The “only problem” with the commentators is that these individuals are NOT residents, but are names of former major league baseball players:

    1. Carrasquel – Chico Carresquel (Chicago White Sox)
    2. Minoso – Minnie Mineso (Chicago White Sox)
    3. Banks – Ernie Banks (Chicago Cubs)
    4. Buddin – Don Buddin (Boston Red Sox)

     What type of individual (who insists that he always places the good of the community above himself) would then intentionally deceive and mislead them? How many other times has that blogger done this?

    Now ask yourself this: Do you really believe that this was the only time he’s done this or is it just another example of how that blogger operates?

    If I am wrong, I implore that blogger or his “good friends” to respond and strenuously deny these damning accusations. That’s what any honest person would do.

    If he remains silent, it only serves as a reminder that “character counts” and that blogger’s actions and now, non-actions speaks volumes.


    Rana Goodman

    David Berman is a liar,liar,liar and did I mention a fraud. Please print this with my name.

    John Schmidt


    To Dan Roberts:

    Thank you Dan for this vital information regarding David Berman’s newest claim of clairvoyance, and our sincere best wishes to those in the Sun City Anthem community who look at him with confidence !

    And to those who do, may they enjoy these words written from his pen.

    “I think most folks who read blogs regularly have an understanding that, ultimately, blogs reflect the opinions and personalities of their owners. While I personally believe that this blog does the best job of providing unbiased news and information to our readers, it is also weighted somewhat toward an opinionated philosophy that can be reflected in my writings. Simply put, this is how blogs operate.

    My articles are aimed at readers who appreciate a relatively high literary standard of writing and are thoughtful about the issues of the day, as well as being willing to occasionally contribute to subjects under discussion via posted blog comments and/or personal email exchanges.”

    Yup, he certainly is right about those who “appreciate a relatively high literary standard of writing” in “providing unbiased news”; and that “blogs reflect the personalities of their owners”.

    We know that David Berman considers himself “the voice of Sun City Anthem”, but it now appears that he is also “the voice” of those who are no longer a part of this world”…and claims they are members of the Sun City Anthem community…and…believe in his journalistic wisdom !

    We thank the following individuals who took the time to share their thoughts on his blog…and…if you’re out there,  we would love to obtain your autograph if your Pearly Gate duties will allow.

    Chico Carrasquel, who died on May 26, 2005 at the age of 79 in Caracas, Venezuela.

    Minnie Minoso, who died on March 15, 2015 at the age of 89 in Chicago, Illinois.

    Ernie Banks, who died on January 23, 2015 at the age of 83 in Chicago, Illinois.

    Don Buddin, who died on June 30, 2011 at the age of 77 in South Carolina.

    As a result, we finally understood who his role model in life has always been !

    …and suggest when you see him or any of his followers, you  honor them  by humming this tune !

    PS…I would gladly contribute to his taking a lie detector test.

    As it is often said, once you lie, you have to continue the ruse by continuing to do so…until your caught.

    It’s his last “save your butt” weapon.  What a sick and disturbed human being.


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