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    Rana Goodman

    A Question of Character – Part 2

    By Dan Roberts

    It starts with that blogger’s Welcome, Readers intro:

     Here you can post your own comments and questions, and you are free to express your (respectful) opinions, whether you agree or disagree with what I or other readers have to say on a subject.

    The ironic part about that sentence is that if there are no comments, have no fear, that blogger

    will post his own under another name(s). And “surprisingly” all such posts speak glowingly of him.

    From SCA resident, C. Carrasquel:

    “David, I’ve been following your advice by sending the links for your wonderful, factual election articles to my personal mailing list of about 85 friends…”

    And from SCA resident: M. Minoso:

    “David, whether I agree with you or disagree with you is irrelevant, because what I do commend you for is your gift, and it is truly a gift, for explaining complex subjects with eloquence and accuracy.”

    There were also other gushing, fawning comments from residents, E. Banks and D. Buddin.

    The “only problem” with the commentators is that these individuals are NOT residents, but are names of former major league baseball players:

    1. Carrasquel – Chico Carresquel (Chicago White Sox)
    2. Minoso – Minnie Mineso (Chicago White Sox)
    3. Banks – Ernie Banks (Chicago Cubs)
    4. Buddin – Don Buddin (Boston Red Sox)

     What type of individual (who insists that he always places the good of the community above himself) would then intentionally deceive and mislead them? How many other times has that blogger done this?

    Now ask yourself this: Do you really believe that this was the only time he’s done this or is it just another example of how that blogger operates?

    If I am wrong, I implore that blogger or his “good friends” to respond and strenuously deny these damning accusations. That’s what any honest person would do.

    If he remains silent, it only serves as a reminder that “character counts” and that blogger’s actions and now, non-actions speaks volumes.


    Martin Winger

    My opinion.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as I was told by me wee mother.

    The other side of all of this is this weasel has always been antagonistic toward anyone who object to his ravings.

    My question has always been, “who are these people” that write to him?  It never seems to be anyone that I could find from the SCA telco book on the SCA website, oh, that includes “Sandy Ridge.”  Yeah, yeah, I know it was some fictitious “person” just like the ones he dreams up in his mental delusions.  I never see valid names so I can only assume they are created by his constant rubbing of hands.

    Let’s face it too, that after his little creative magic in Boston and his legal incident he had to find new ground to go to somewhere else to cause problems, but never was able to move away from his nature.  Soon afterward he was again caught with the truth being brought out by a retired senator.

    Now I imagine he is freaking out due to all the construction at the location(s) west of Executive Airport road where he had great expectations of all that area being like it was, but the City of Henderson saw it a bit different.  So now, and any time an airplane crash occurs anywhere in the Henderson area he can blame it on society moving to the area.

    So who is CJ?  Who is Peter Brown, not again in the SCA phonebook roster?  Was Sandy Ridge retired to his sick mind?  Why is it I rarely see responses to his blogs, and when I do who are they.

    How long will he carry on about some stupid pictures, and how long is he going to tell us about him making arrangements for the the board and the people who must do what he says or be condemned.

    What a sad sack who will find so many petty things to rant about.  I guess we’ll forever need to deal with it.



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