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A MONEY PIT! Are voters willing to act?

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    Robert Stern

    In many of my posts I refer to the weaponized legal counsel and the abuse of power. There is also the abuse of $$. I claim an unholy alliance between COO Sandy Seddon and the Clarkson Law firm with the board’s blessing. That includes spending legal $$ that are totally unnecessary as the homeowner ,in some cases, is seen as the enemy and make work projects are approved with little or no value to the HOA. I get lots of emails from homeowners about the misuse and abuse of legal counsel and its related costs. Read this homeowner’s advice and request to me.

    “You can make a real impact focusing on what we are paying Clarkson. And how that money could/should be used to add additional services for residents.

    Clarkson is paid about $20,000 a month. They make up needs for legal work which is approved by Sandy. Look at what they charged for the restaurant contract. Figure out the number of hours. Obscene.

    Redoing the CCR&Gs wasn’t necessary. The BOD just needed to pass resolutions. The BOD will not agree to that statement. BUT the BOD does not seek another opinion. Follow like rats to the pied piper.

    Clarkson does the legal — We are protecting you – flimflam. The BOD should have 3 legal firms competing for the Association’s legal work. And expressing alternative viewpoints.

    SC Summerlin’s legal expenses, I understand, total less than $20,000 per year. They have the same number of homes and residents. SC Anthem’s expenses will be more than $220,000 for 2022.

    The older financials show about $30,000 for last years election. For what?

    Look at the financials. Ask the questions. Focus the light on the abuse.

    SCA could double the number of classes held for residents at no additional class fees, from the savings that would result by doing oversight on Clarkson.”


    The board in December approved a lucrative contract for Clarkson Law Group. We are being fleeced as our board is financially irresponsible as it raised your annual operational assessments 25% and underfunded the Main Reserves. The 2023 Professional Fees Budget is $430,200( mostly legal).The 2023 Reserve Study if done with an appropriate 5% inflation factor assumption( 2020 was 2%) will put tremendous pressure on finances and future assessments. Judgment Day is coming. Elect a new board majority to deal with it honestly rather than play games. That choice is yours. The pocketbook you save may be your own.

    Rana Goodman

    I am in regular communication with several other communities Robert and hate to let the resident that sent you that note know, but ADAM CLARKSON is now the legal beagle at Sun City Summerlin too , much to the “chagrin” of quite a few residents I hear…..


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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