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    Rana Goodman


    By SCA director, Pam Williams

    First, I want to thank all the people who helped in countless ways on my campaign. From the person who designed my flyer, to those who helped distribute them, who walked their neighborhoods, made phone calls and sent emails, and hosted me in their home, it took all of us to make this happen. I couldn’t have done it without you. To those who didn’t support me or vote for me, I hope I will earn your confidence and trust.

    I am thankful my message resonated with the community. To bring about positive changes, I will improve transparency and communication, be more inclusive of diverse points of view, and make it easier for the community to participate in the decisions affecting our lives.

    I appreciate David Berman’s invitation to do a video interview so more of you could get to know me.  I’ve lived here less than two years and there has been a lot to learn about the community, the values we share and the challenges we face.

    I am excited to continue my lifetime of community and public service. In my work I have learned that the most important accomplishment is to have made a positive contribution to the quality of someone’s life. I have been privileged to hear thousands of stories about people’s accomplishments, regrets, losses and aspirations and this has given me a deeper understanding of the human condition and what makes it better. I have aspired to have a servant heart because this is a wiser choice for me.

    I pledge to be your humble servant and will count on all of you to keep me true to my aspiration.  I hope each of you will find a way to serve the community. Whether you volunteer on a committee or service group, serve as leadership for a club, help a neighbor, or attend meetings and share your ideas, your involvement matters. The key to our success is everyone playing a role to lift our community. I am excited and stand ready to work with you and on your behalf.

    Thanks, Pam Williams

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