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    With the latest disruptive publication by the alternative blogger, clarification is now required to fully explain the FULL STORY of his slanted and biased writings in his continual quest to destroy the characters of individuals.

    The community cannot continue to allow this individual to constantly do so, and so…let’s go back to 2020, when the country was being rocked by violence, police were disrespected and ignored, one of which was a Las Vegas Metro officer who remains paralyzed for merely trying to protect a small business from ruin…

    …and continues to be rocked with each passing day across the country as a result of refusals to prosecute those who commit crimes that hurt the innocent.

    That was no time to add to the violence, especially in a 55+ community that had never experienced racism in my opinion.

    Suddenly, articles appeared by the Chairman of a SCA Club that many believed would bring such violence to SCA……articles that were made available on the world wide web.

    What started as an informal inquiry to an association president and ASSUMED to be a complaint by the Community Lifestyle Committee, took this concern to heights that only the President of that Club, the alternative blogger, and the former CLC chairman caused.

    What was not disclosed  within the blogger’s latest, was that NO FORMAL COMPLAINT WAS EVER FILED.

    Here’s the part he conveniently omitted….THE REAL STORY.

    The former CLC chairman, without any formal complaint filed, took that INFORMAL INQUIRY, and decided to pursue it as a formal complaint.

    That has never been disclosed by the blogger whose continual actions cause such division in our community, year after year.

    When that  BREACH OF RESPONSIBILITY by the CLS chairman took place, a formal complaint was filed against that individual for improperly doing so, and HAS NEVER YEARS BEEN HEARD after 2 YEARS.

    Why was that the case and not ever been heard?

    That was the purpose of the inquiry ONLY.

    Had it only been available to members of that club, nothing would have in any way been brought to the attention of the then President, Rana Goodman, and as a good President, she brought that concern to the Chairman of the CLC as an INFORMAL CONCERN, NOT A COMPLAINT.

    Anthem Opinions brought the PUBLIC AVAILABILITY of the Club President’s letter as well as the club’s member’s names and email addresses. The club president, by the way, who also happened to be a passed member of the Association Board of Directors, by providing a link available to ALL, not just the members of that Club, a link that the Club QUICKLY REMOVED when it was brought to the attention of the pubic.

    Obviously, they knew it existed or it would not have been removed, and by removing it, they essentially acknowledged that IT WAS MADE AVAILABLE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD.

    As a public document that in our opinion, painted Sun City Anthem as a community filled with attitudes not shared by all, it brought a concern as to the community’s reputation and property values across the entire world, and that was the only initial concern in bringing the matter to then President Goodman.

    This now, as a result of that BREACH and biased reporting, brings another matter to the forefront that until now, would have been ignored.

    To David Meredith, this was not meant to harm your Board candidacy, but this recent alarming piece by the blogger, now involves you.

    Current Board candidate David Meredith was a member of that CLC Committee in 2020 and voted to support the actions of that Club, whose documents were plainly available to the WORLD on the worldwide web, not jut to members of that particular club. As stated n the blogger’s article, the CLC voted 10-0.

    Perhaps Mr. Meredith might fill in the blanks as to his supporting an action by his voting on an informal inquiry that should never have been brought to any vote.

    Remember, Mr. Meredith, this latest poison pen piece by that blogger to harm innocent individuals, has now unfortunately involved you.

    Mr, Meredith, the community would like your response to this before it casts a vote to make you a Board member of our association.

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