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    Rana Goodman
    Written By Dick:
    Life Really Is Like a Bunch of Chocolates
    You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get…
    in Sun City Anthem
    Forrest Gump returning to theaters for 25th anniversary - ABC7 New York

    Well now, the existing Sun City Anthem Board meeting took an unexpected turn of events on Thursday, March 23rd when two existing Board members, Forrest Quinn and Brian Donahue, decided to resign their positions, leaving their positions on the Board after the end of the April Board meeting.

    Add that to the fact that existing Board member, Richard Pope, decided not to run for reelection and two existing Board members, Steve Anderson and Wendy Linow’s terms expire on that same day, that leaves 5 positions open as of May 1st.

    What does that mean? 

    With only 5 candidates running for election,  all will automatically be elected to the Sun City Anthem Board as of May 2nd.  The only question remaining is which will have 2 year terms and which will have a 1 year term.

    As a result, there will be an election; not for your candidate choice, but for how long you wish each to serve.

    The top three candidates receiving votes will each have a 2 year term, and the candidates finishing 4th and 5th will each have a 1 year term.  And… this might change the manner in which you cast a vote, knowing all will serve.

    By casting your four votes available, you will make that decision as to how long that individual will serve.


    Don’t be, it’s called Sun City Anthem politics.


    Not in my judgment.    Is the glass half empty or is it half full?  Actually, it’s both !

    There are two ways of looking at this; the first is the sad state of affairs that exist in a community having 7,144 homes and only having 5 individuals willing to represent them.  This is now the 2nd consecutive year this has taken place and we hope this will be the last.

    On the positive side, we will have 3 new fresh faces that hopefully will bring new and exciting ideas to a Board who likely will add a new prospective to our community with an open mind toward the future in a number of areas.   In my opinion, this will be double edge sword, and the question will remain as to which way the sword will drop its blow !

    Anthem Opinions & Anthem Today has stressed  over the past month since election season began that we wished this election would involve openness and especially civility toward all candidates, allowing a community to look at each one individually and decide our future based on their words…….and our commitment to that belief has remained in tact throughout the past month.

    Other then pledging our support for Forrest Fetherolf, we remained silent rather then demonize any individual as was the case with a blogger who for years has spewed hatred day after day, week after week.

    And for that hatred, we believe his days of such behavior have now come to an end.  Candidates will no longer have to deal with him for fear of his chastising them and seeking his support which can now be characterized as feeling some unnatural need to “deal with the devil.”

    They can now openly go about their business trying to make our community a better place, leaving the “machine influence” behind as we continue into our 23rd year of existence in the Las Vegas valley.

    Anthem Opinions congratulates these brave souls for taking on the responsibilities so few have chosen to entertain.

    We pray you will do so  with openness, honesty, and integrity combined with fiscal responsibility; that the community will continue to heal following a pandemic complicated with the horrible rhetoric spewed elsewhere that we hope residents will completely abandon, looking at that blogger as one who has created such chaos and disunity, that he may be lost in time and the history of our community.

    And so, we welcome our 2022 Sun City Anthem Board of Directors:

    Steven Anderson, Wendy Linow,  Paul Perlstein

    Barry Rubinson, Forrest Fetherolf, David Meredith & Greg Swenson

    At the same time, we also wish to thank current Board members for their service as they leave office.  Remember, they did, what the rest of us didn’t !

    They sacrificed time they could have spent enjoying retirement rather then hours on end guiding our association in a time that literally changed our entire world.

    Forrest Quinn,  Richard Pope, & Brian Donahue


    I am a relative newcomer to SCA, only 2 years of living in this wonderful community. Not unlike big government (city / state / federal), the lack of transparency re. our small BOD is disappointing. Seriously, it’s five local residents managing a 7,100 home community with residents from a pretty common demographic. The board isn’t overseeing a dept. of defense, an education or health depts., etc. they basically run a large planned residential complex. The stories I’ve heard about the shenanigans that goes on behind closed doors and how our dues are handled, albeit taken with some skepticism, sounds like scripting for a soap opera.

    Having new faces on the board gives me a level of confidence and optimism but tempered with caution. I would encourage the new board, especially those with minimal political experience (Forrest) to keep your guards up and watch your backs. LISTEN TO YOUR CONSTITUENTS, PLEASE!

    I wish the new board well.

    Stephen Anderson

    In place of my President’s Report this month, I want to provide the latest regarding the election.  Please shred your ballot mailing that most of you should have received by now.  Only vote using the new ballot mailing that will go out Wednesday, 03/30/2022.


    Due to the resignations of Board Members Brian Donahue and Forrest Quinn, which will be effective at midnight on April 28, 2022, the ballot package that was recently mailed to residents is no longer valid.

    Residents should discard the initial ballot packet that has probably already arrived in your mailbox. A new, corrected ballot packet will arrive sometime next week.

    The new ballot instructs residents to vote for no more than three (3) candidates. The three candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to a two-year term. The candidates coming in fourth and fifth place will serve a one-year term on the board.

    In addition, I can add the following information as to the specifics of the above.

    The Official Revised Ballot Packet will be mailed out next Wednesday. The deadline to return the ballots will be May 2, 2022, at 4pm. The Rescheduled Membership Meeting and Election of the Board will be May 3, 2022, at 10am. The Board of Directors Organizational Meeting of the new Board will be on May 5, 2022, at 1:30 pm.

    As the current President of the Board and a fellow candidate, I have sent my congratulations to each of the candidates and look forward to working with each of them.  Please know that I repeat my pledge to always respond to your issues and concerns.  Further, I will continue to hold Town Hall Meetings for residents who want to talk with members of the Board.  If you hear stories of shenanigans, please let me know as that is not my style in the least.

    An upcoming issue to watch for is the revision of the Rules and Regulations and the Architectural (ARC) Guidelines.  A draft version has been developed and the next step is for the Board and the Task Force that made the revisions to review it and then there will be a community forum for residents to comment on it.

    Some of the issues under review are the color of non-holiday lighting on your home, restrictions on the type of flag you can fly on your garage flag pole, and the plants that are restricted species.

    Please vote when you get your ballot for the three candidates that you want elected to the three two year terms.  The 4th and 5th place finishers will be elected to serve out the two year terms of the two board members who resigned.

    Rana Goodman

    Anyone who is thinking of voting for Steve Anderson needs to seriously rethink their vote. It was Mr. Anderson and this current board who voted to provide the Anthem Community Council (ACC) $15 to $20M over a ten year period of time for landscaping/maintenance improvements. Why did the board approve this massive expenditure? Because, according to Mr. Anderson, the ACC board voted to approve this expenditure. Has anyone ever heard of an outside organization dictating to a SCA BOD where to spend our money? Plus there is no plan on how or where this money is to be spent. We, as voters, need to ensure that Mr. Anderson is only elected for one year, and hopefully we will then vote him out of office, if he chooses, to run again in 2023.


    It was suggested to me that if I want a particular candidate to be assured of a full term vs. a one year fill-in term that I ONLY vote for that person. Since all candidates will be appointed to the board, it will help someone I support to get a full term. So I am going to only submit ONE vote for a candidate I know well and support.


    Stephen Anderson

    I would like to respond to Mr. Orth and his misinformation on the Anthem Community Council (ACC).

    First, neither I nor anyone else on the Board of Directors of Sun City Anthem voted to provide the ACC with $15 to $20 M over a ten-year period.  The Sun City Board of Directors does not vote on what is the business of ACC.  ACC has put forth a $15 to $20 million dollar plan for landscape and maintenance improvements with $10M to be raised over a 10-year period. ACC has outlined a plan where they will raise the assessments of a little over 13,000 rooftops that make up the 6 HOAs (Anthem Highlands, Solera, Sun City Anthem, Terra Bella, Anthem Country Club and Coventry) in the Anthem Community.  Sun City Anthem accounts for around 52% of the total rooftops and thus accounts for 52% of the budget of ACC.

    Despite Mr. Orth’s beliefs about ACC, ACC is an independent legal corporation in the State of Nevada. If you have any doubt of this, please visit the Anthem Community Council website and read their By-Laws, CC&R’s, and Articles of Incorporation.  You can further find their 2022 budget and minutes.  If you read these documents and our own legal documents, you will find that we are obligated to pay ACC assessments.  What would happen if we did not pay?  According to our legal counsel if we were to stop payment, the ACC would sue, and they would win.  Paying for all of our legal costs and 52% of the costs of the ACC legal expenses hardly sounds like a good use of your money.

    Do I have concerns about ACC?  Yes, I do.  I am concerned about their lack of open bidding on their projects.  I have expressed concern about the lack of timely communication to their stakeholders and I have suggested that they look at revising their plans for the re-landscaping of the areas they are responsible for.  For example, I have suggested that they look more seriously at the use of metal art and sculptures in the medians.  I have seen many attractive medians in Las Vegas done in this manner.  There is no need to water and little maintenance other than spraying for weeds several times a year.

    Whether you choose to vote for me to serve a two year or one year term is in your hands.  I would remind readers that on February 11, Mr. Orth posted the following in Anthem Today.

    “Adding to Rana’s comments, I too wish to add my congratulations and appreciation to Steve. I met with Steve back in September and voiced my concerns about both Anthem Council and the Audit Committee. Since that meeting, we have been in communication, and both of us have expressed our viewpoints. I was somewhat surprised, but absolutely delighted, with Steve’s comments. I am certain he knows my support for the necessary changes to both AC and the Audit Committee, and, like Rana, will do my best to attend the next AC meeting.” Nelson Orth

    I will always pledge to you that while I will not agree or vote in the manner that some people will want me to, I will always explain to you why I voted the way I did and to give you the factual basis for making my decisions.

    When it comes to ACC, please read the documents on the ACC website and our own legal documents to see how SCA and ACC are connected to each other and our obligation to fund what ACC assesses us.  Also, please attend the ACC quarterly meetings and speak out.  I have gone to past meetings and have spoken out.  Rana has gone to past meetings and spoken out.  Of late I have not seen Mr. Orth attending or speaking out rather than to make postings that contain misinformation.  While I am certain this statement will result in a retort from him, I am not here to engage in debating him but rather than to direct you to where you can read for yourself the truth of the matter.

    Rana Goodman

    My reply to Mr. Anderson – I have never seen or read so many lies in one post as you did. I do not have the time to detail each of those lies, but let me inform your readers the most egregious one. Mr. Anderson suggests you read the ACC CC&Rs which are posted on their website. Please do. And if you do, you  will discover that the title of this document is “Declaration of Covenants and Easements for the Anthem Community”, and was written in 1998 by a law firm in Georgia strictly for the use by Del Webb. How do I know this? Because it is written in the upper left hand corner of the first page.

    Obviously Mr. Anderson and I have diverse opinions on this issue. So in order to solve this dissent, I challenge Mr. Anderson to debate me – one on one. Instead of having an open Town Hall, let’s have you and I present our cases, and then each counter with their comments. But ensure that sufficient time exists so that homeowners can question each of us. What say you Mr. Anderson?

    Stephen Anderson

    Mr. Orth is entitled to his opinions.  Unfortunately, when he is challenged on one issue he then drops it and moves on to another.  In this case, it is now that an out of state law firm wrote the Declaration of Covenants and Easements.  The question is so what!  Many out of state law firms will write Articles of Incorporation and other legal documents and then have them legally filed in multiple states.

    Here is the information from the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office showing that ACC is a legally registered business in the State of Nevada:

    Entity Name:
    Entity Number:
    Entity Type:
    Domestic Nonprofit Corporation (82)
    Entity Status:
    Formation Date:
    NV Business ID:
    Termination Date:
    Annual Report Due Date:

    Solicits Charitable Contribution:

    If there was an issue, I would consider a debate, but I will not debate misinformation.  That is a pointless undertaking.

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