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    Rana Goodman

    As noted by SCA resident 1/01/2022

    The piles of limbs that landscapers  cut and dumper have become more than unsightly, the are a danger to drivers.

    The high winders blew several large pieces onto the road and a few times I had to swerve to avoid large pieces nearly getting into an accident.

    I cannot believe that the other communities have not filed complaints about this too. 


    Over the years people have asked me why I chose to live in a Home Owner association community (HOAs).

    The major reasons is that I don’t want to worry what is going to be built near me other than homes of a similar price range, no repair of cars on the lawn, boats stored in the driveway and so on.

    What I didn’t count on when I chose Sun City Anthem was that we, as a community are stuck with the decisions made for our landscape in the areas shared by the rest of the communities that make up “our hilltop.” The Anthem Community Council, which is made up of a few home owners living here are the gatekeepers of what is done and how much is spent.

    If one drives through any of the areas in Summerlin you will notice the lush landscape and how well it is all maintained. Our community, on the other hand, has landscape starting at the entry way on Anthem Parkway and Eastern that has never been well maintained. Rather than have the problem fixed in the 20 or so years this community has existed, a blind eye was always turned to the problems.

    Some people may not notice as they drive by but in the 18 years, I have lived in Anthem I have yet to see the common areas maintained under the control of Anthem Community Council taken care of in a professional manner. Now, 20 years later, they claim a major overhaul is needed and the cost is going to be huge. It seems to me that had they made sure the maintenance was done on a continuing basis, the problems would have been addressed as they happened and the multi-million dollar cost they now face would have been dealt with as issues arose.

    Who else is sick and tired of seeing dead limbs, weeds, dying plants and such in many areas of the parkway? The prior landscaping vendor would remove many dead or out of season ground cover and never replace it. Thus the bare spots between ground cover which looks awful..The council sends SCA a bill for 52% of the total cost..

    For the last month, as I leave Anthem I have noticed there are stacks of cut tree limbs sitting on the ground that, for some reason the landscape company has never bothered to haul them away.

    When my landscaper trims my trees (and I have many mature ones,) and shrubs all the trimmings, tree limbs and anything else are immediately picked up and hauled away on their truck. How do you think our HOA would react if large tree limbs were left on our lot until they felt like cleaning it up? I shudder to think of the fines that would end up on our account.

    Another point of view is resale value, let us say that potential buyers drove around the loop and noticed the unkempt areas, the weeds, the discarded tree limbs, the large area of nothing but rock in the medians of our parkway, I doubt that they would be in any rush to invest here, I know I would not.

    Next time you drive out toward Eastern Avenue on Anthem Parkway take a look at the barren medians. Take a glance as you pass Anthem Center at the stacks of tree limbs and cuttings dumped among the landscape, I’m curious to know if you are as sick about it as I am.

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