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    Some things have to be said.

    After receiving The Spirit magazine, I received a number of calls regarding an article included in the latest published issue.

    It was so insulting that a number of Sun City Anthem residents asked that a fitting response be published by myself.

    Though it’s my desire to sharply curtail many writing activities due to the sale of Anthem Opinions to The Vegas Voice, I wish to thank Dan Roberts for allowing me to write this editorial.

    With all of this in mind, let me warn you that Alka Seltzer is the only way to stomach the Spirit article.

    Spirit Magazine December 2020 Issue Proves Board Paranoia in Goodman “Coup”

    Before you read the December, 2020 issue of the community Spirit Magazine, we suggest that you not eat breakfast, because if you do, get ready to “upchuck” after you read Page 16’s article entitled ” “Sticks and Stones…”. We couldn’t help but notice that the article was signed by the entire remaining members of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors, whose only way of “saving face” in the disgraceful manner in which they first coerced former President Rana Goodman into signing a ridiculous apology letter to the African American Heritage Club, then in the most unprofessional manner, told the Association Attorney to send her a letter (while she was in the hospital following back surgery) that she resign her position as President.
    They used a blog post written by Dan Roberts about the letter as the reason for removing her.
    What they never acknowledged was that the Goodman “apology letter” was FULLY SANCTIONED BY EACH OF THEM PRIOR TO HER SIGNING IT.

    She constantly REFUSED to do so time and again, until she was COERCED into believing that in doing so, it would defuse a volatile racial community situation that a Club president was accusing the Board of creating.
    And once she did…the hammer was dropped on her head like a mallet at a carnival !

    Yet to appease a Club whose public display of racial remarks along with the underground support of a blogger whose intention from the “get-go” was to “get” Goodman…
    …out of fear….they needed a scapegoat…

    …and Goodman was the most convenient target they could find.
    …and they actually, after publicly insulting her for something EACH OF THEM CONTRIVED and APPROVED, were surprised that she subsequently to

    ld them to “go to the nearest mountain and jump off without a parachute” by resigning from the Board.
    What kind of individuals would expect that after a backdoor insult? A group of these!

    …and the result of “dumping” the person who received more votes in 2018 than any other candidate and who received a gubernatorial award for her successful guardianship efforts to SAVE SENIORS from financial “hell” ???

    They are reeling in a world of “no confidence” that obviously was so great that the page 16 December, 2020 article appeared.
    So who is to blame for all the problems they have, according the six remaining members of the “distinguished” leaders?

    Blogs…the easiest targets. Forget their actions that created the blogs over the years, right?
    And forget… unlike THEM, a blog is something that a person VOLUNTARILY receives while theirs is MANDATORY.

    This bunch of “leaders” are now so paranoiac that they have taken a community publication and sent it to 7,144 homes telling them…and I quote:
    “We cannot make the blogs disappear, but we can individually avoid reading them.”

    And to those who write comments, their “words of wisdom” also tell you:
    “Please don’t take reader’s comments to heart and feel the need to respond. Move on and don’t make the situation worse by weighing in.”
    Readers, this is like saying if you’re a Democrat, you’re a sinner if you watch Fox or if you are a Republican, the fires of hell will fall upon you if you view CNN.

    It simply is a call for the end of freedom of speech…

    These “control freaks” actually want you to believe someone simply because they tell you to do so …that they are an omnipotent Board who should dictate your conscience.
    But believe me, this latest epistle on the part of the remaining members of the Sun City Anthem Board will ring loud as they continue to demand you believe everything they tell you…
    …and the intelligent members of our society will be look at them for such unprofessional rhetoric, and respond as follows:

    This is America.

    We have something called freedom of speech and that includes telling this bunch to…
    Go to Hell for even suggesting it be abandoned…especially after the despicable actions they displayed in the Goodman situation.
    As long as any of them remain in a Board position, a lingering bad taste in the mouths of a community will haunt each of them.

    SCA Board of Directors…each of you demonstrated by your actions, that you do not deserve credibility, and you have yourselves and the weakness you have demonstrated, to blame for it.
    And from us to you…

    we would like to present you this kudo for your recent Spirt article……….

    …with this advice…



    Well said but too kind to these six stooges( SCA Board of Directors).

    In my opinion the last Board was dishonest(Karrow; Shuetz; Coleman; Quinn; Hadrick) yet sadly this current Board is so inept, afraid, spineless and without intellect it is frightening!

    Yes, no current member of this Board or the prior Board should ever be on the SCA Board again or in any other function for this community. This should be the focus of our community.

    I am so tired of this Board saying that their goal is transparency; communication and honesty; that is only if SCA Legal Counsel allows after they kiss his ring. 

    Peter Brown


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