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45 MPH Does Not Mean 65 mph or 70 mph

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    For 17+ years I have watched numerous auto accidents take place on Sun City Anthem Drive between Volunteer Road the Bicentennial Pkwy. 

    And unless the City of Henderson finally considers a traffic signal at either Thunder Bay, Colvin Run, or Hayden Creek, I suggest  that stretch of road should be renamed “Dead Man’s Road.”

    What is wrong with some seniors? 

    Where in the hell are some going at our age to drive like fools? 

    That is a stretch of road with a 45 mph speed limit, not 65 mph or 70 mph as some believe it should be based on their driving habits !   

    Yeah, taking an “extra 5” is somewhat common, but an extra 20 or 25, is INSANE.

    The lines of sight at the above intersections are dangerous when a driver is entering Sun City Anthem Pkwy from those streets…and…at 65mph or higher, it’s not only dangerous, but deadly. 

    Wednesday night at 7:35pm, some dope flipped his car on Sun City Anthem Drive at Colvin Run. Here’s the report on the news:


    A few years ago, I was driving that path when some old woman decided to turn left in front of a guy on a motorcycle. WHAM !!!  I actually saw that poor guy FLY ABOUT 75 FEET before he landed as a corpse on the road.

    It’s a sight that I’ll never forget and that every nitwit that travels at a high speed should be forced to see in order that they can experience witnessing how dangerous such speeds can be to themselves and other innocent victims.

    So, it is time for a traffic light at one of those intersections? 

    I think so.

    In lieu of that, I suggest a cop with a radar gun sit there on one of those intersections for just a single day.

    At $250 fine (or higher)  per speeder, my guess is that within 24 hours, the City of Henderson could pay the  annual income for the cop.

    Enough is enough, let’s get the light or the cop. 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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