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2 Safety Concerns From Neighborhood Watch

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    Rana Goodman

    We had two recent incidents in our community where early morning walkers were assaulted and robbed: These were forwarded from our Neighborhood Watch leaders.

    September 27, 2020 – 5:15am

    A male resident of Solera was walking on Atchley Drive in an area where there are few homes when it was relatively dark. He noticed a red pickup truck parked with two men inside.  After he passed them, one of them ran up behind him, punched him and took his iPhone and Ear Pods.  He suffered minor injuries and was able to walk to the Fire Station where the paramedics took care of him and called the police. The police report has been requested for this incident (DR 20-16931).

     August 14, 2020 – 6:30am

    A resident of Canyon Crest was walking to Walgreen’s along Hampton Road.  When she was between Point Pleasant Drive and Valley Center Drive a bicyclist approached her from behind.  He grabbed her purse and yanked it away from her, knocking her to the ground.  She suffered minor injuries. Due to lack of leads, the case (DR 20-14105) has been closed pending further leads.


    • Do not walk alone – go with another person or take a dog
    • Do not walk wearing earphones
    • Walk facing traffic to avoid someone coming up behind you
    • If you sense a danger, or even get a hint of it, take defensive actions.
    • Be aware of your surroundings, watch for suspicious persons
    • Do not walk in remote or unlighted areas, avoid potential hiding spots
    • Alter your routes
    • Carry stick or baton or tactical pen
    • Take pepper spray
    • Wear wrist alarm (e.g., Run Angel), have a whistle or noise maker

    Such incidents are very rare in SCA.  Following are some statistics to back that up.

    Our community has had 25 theft and burglary crimes through September.  This is down about 28% versus 2019.  This continues a downward trend over recent years: Crimes in 2019 were down about 27% versus 2018.

    How does our SCA crime rate compare locally and nationally?  The FBI national crime statistics measure the total serious crimes per 1,000 population.  The rate in the US overall is 25 serious crimes per 1,000 population.  For the state of Nevada, it is 28.  In 29 of the safest cities of similar size in the US, the number is 27.  In the City of Henderson, the rate is about 19, significantly better than the best mid-sized cities. So, you can see that we live in a very safe mid-sized city. And finally, the crime rate in Sun City Anthem is less than 4 per 1000 population.  We are in a very safe community in a very safe city!   

    Be safe!

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