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Rana Goodman

Thank you for your question Tein, the following are my thoughts as of today on the candidates running for our board of directors and my reasons for my recommendations.

I noticed, by the way, that a resident and the other blogger had criticized me for not listing the candidates in alphabetical order. My reason was simply because the election committee will have all candidates draw numbers for their order on the ballot, THAT is when I prefer to put them in ballot order.

Forrest Fetherolf: recommend a YES vote

I don’t believe anyone can deny that Forrest is one of the most helpful residents in Anthem, I have never heard of anyone who has asked him for assistance that he said no to. Forrest has a large vested interest in our community since he has quite a few properties here, therefor, as a board member, he will be very cost conscious of items presented to the board.

I have known Forrest for many years and believe he would make a superb director..

Steve Anderson: 

As our current president of the board I have written quite a few times asking Steve questions as I did over the years with many of our other board members. Steve is the only one so far that took the time to reply to me within one or two days with a fully detailed response.

I’m not saying that I agree with all the decisions that the board has made, however in my opinion communication between the board, especially the president and residents is essential. I suggested reinstating the Town Hall meetings and do appreciate the fact that they did. Several board members initially agreed with my thoughts (just before I resigned from the board) on why the current attorney needed to be replaced, although they asked for submissions from HOA attorneys, in the end they stayed with Adam Clarkson… I was not pleased with that.

David G. Meredith: & Gregory E. Swenson:

I don’t know David or Gregory and will have to wait for the bios and the the information the candidates give us to give my thoughts on these two gentlemen.

Wendy Linow:

Although Wendy has had the professional background that would assist anyone in becoming a great director, I found her to be anything but a “team player” while I was on the board. It might have been because she had worked in a management capacity in her prior HOA life, but I found that she seemed to believe she didn’t have to follow the rules in several instances and one in particular, (which I really don’t want to rehash now), led to a long drawn-out mess concerning accusations of racism etc. aimed at me from the president of one of SCA’s clubs. Wendy has been rude to residents, and seems feel she is an expert on everything HOA.  I will not be voting for this incumbent under any circumstances.

Richard Pope:

When I first met Richard I thought he would make a fabulous board member, however, while I firmly think the board needs to make their own independent decisions on matters they will be voting on, I also think they need to act as a “well oiled team.” This is another director who agreed fully that we needed a new attorney, yet backed down at the actual vote. I cannot go into specifics of what happened in several board meetings, however, suffice to say I have several reasons for with holding my vote for this candidate.