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Stephen Anderson

My reply to Mr. Orth.

How very silly his response is in saying that I control the day to day decisions and operations of our HOA.  I would agree that if I was the Emperor and ruled by decree and edict that the situation would be very different.  Maybe you need to realize that I am but one of six to seven board members.  As President I have no more nor less impact than the other directors.  My role as President is that of being voted to that position by the other board members who recognize my ability to bring people together and work in a collaborative manner.  Mr. Orth greatly exaggerates my power and influence. Frankly I serve the residents of this HOA.  While I do not always do what everyone wants me to do, I respect each resident, will listen to them and work toward engaging in activities that will bring value to our community. In that process of dialog I am one of few who will post on social media sites.