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Mr. Anderson also known to me as Steve to his credit is willing to write to defend and explain certain actions. Some he will ignore and not comment on if they are too confrontational or controversial. He sees himself as a peacekeeper and consensus builder and while those are good qualities, what if the consensus is really a collective bad decision?

I believe Sandy Seddon’s past and continued employment was and is a bad decision.

She has /had responsibilities to be up with current law to ensure that the BOARD got things right the first time. She didn’t pass muster on this critical financial matter while the law firm was making money on other matters.

The fact that the reserves are underfunded and you indicated the need for catch up demonstrates that past performance was subpar and you are just making excuses and yet the Main Reserves are still underfunded. No catch up there as you are funding restaurant’s deficit financing mostly from reserves. In fact the 2023 Reserve Study will cause additional pressure for more assessments if the board uses an independent inflation factor assumption as it should of no less than 5%.

The Payroll and Benefits increases over the last two years are outrageous and are not consistent with either good management nor market conditions. Sandy Seddon’s outrageous salary package coupled with creating a fiefdom are inexcusable. Her documented abuse of power is well known with the unholy alliance with the Clarkson Law firm who also is making big bucks at homeowners expense and you say blessed by the Board of Directors. Well shame on all of you.

The board has had an abysmal record on financial matters and yet this board approved abandoning monthly financial reporting to make it quarterly. If you explain one thing explain how less oversight and less transparency is better especially for management and the community given the major investment and risk for Yorktown. And speaking of Yorktown when I tried to examine the 2023 Budget’s $316,800 detail for Restaurant Expense using the proper request process I was STONEWALLED. It became clear 2023 Budget assumptions on the restaurant were incompetent and your CFO and Sandy Seddon thought the best approach was to lawyer up and not to expose their own incompetence. It’s like taking the 5th. And you support it.

Apparently it will take a new board majority to fix most of SCA’s ills.

BUT : If there is one thing you can do please reverse the board’s terrible decision so that the community will have access to monthly financial statements and put rules and people in place that prevents the STONEWALLING!