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R. Westra


What does this money used for ($700),  Is there an expense for the HOA that this assessment pays for?  Are these fees a deduction off of anything regarding anything.

Our society in general has had increases for expenses and fees.  Property that my wife and I own has shown increase in taxes and governmental fees.  Property taxes in one state where we have purchased property has gone up 17 per cent.  New York and California are bad at finding new sources of revenue.

There has been a consistent change in BOD almost each year.  That I believe isn’t good for maintaining property management skills on the BOD.  Anyone can disagree with me; I am eager to learn.

With the restaurant we must all give our business to this new restaurant.  It will become profitable with our participation in this restaurant.  Boycotting this restaurant would not be a good idea.

As an individual it is important to plan ahead for additional expenses and fees when planning for your federal taxes.

Piling on is a constant theme because organizations and governments lost revenue because of the shut down in businesses.

For Sun City; there was a lot of requirements with landscaping because of the water shortage.

The increase in management salaries, legal fees and new hire costs, redo of the theater sound system, etc. etc. and so forth.  I believe salaries have to be competitive with the outside world or we start losing essential and knowledgeable people.  I have had to increase salaries to maintain good people who have great management skills;  my experience; good people in management will help to maintain your margins in your business.  I have no knowledge about new hire costs.  The sound system in the theater was in need of a refresh.

Your right; everything happened at the same time for the BOD and Sun City; which makes everything difficult for people on a fixed income.  I have had to help my close relatives because of the increase in so many of their expenses; that they did not have the money to cover them.

If you disagree with me; let me know.  That is how I learn.