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You and I have served on other boards in the past and I for one, am not surprised what this present SCA board has and is doing.  The majority of them have personal agendas and have repeatedly demonstrated that they do not give a darn about the ramifications of their personal agendas negatively affecting the homeowners living here.
Their selfishness, animosity and total disregard as how their actions will affect us, is blatantly apparent.  Their only interest in us is to utilize our monies in increasing dues, to finance their secret agendas.

They couldn’t care less about our opinions and feelings and then have the audacity to label us as “troublemakers, liars, and enemies of this HOA, when in fact, they are the culprits.

You and I have caught several of them in repeatedly lying about their backgrounds after researching them.

Lastly, they are being controlled by our attorney and his minions.  Judging from what has been going on, as long as the majority of board members agree with him, he controls them.