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Martin Winger

“then why wouldn’t they have installed separate utilities meters? Too much money? Pennywise and pound foolish? They already spent $500,000. And the contract calls for an accounting of costs. So, without meters, measurements become guess work for accountants and if the restaurant becomes profitable as many of you hope then there are profit splits with WGH. The meters can be a write off against WGH if you include that in the approved business plan. And what after the 5 years unless it fails sooner another restaurant wants in? Wouldn’t it be smart to have the meters for restaurant? Yes.”  Thanks Robert for being so succinct.

But wait…!  Wasn’t this supposed to have been done on, well, the third restaurant go around (?), but NO….as these board members know that the community at large is so stupid, ignorant, and lazy they really don’t give a damn…No, I don’t believe that, but the “wool has been pulled over our eyes” it has made us tired of incompetent board member finally finding some power in their miserable lives that they need to exercise it before they lose it and never get it back.  WHERE ARE THE DAMN METERS?  HOW DO YOU RUN AN ENTITY HONESTLY?  IS THIS RESTAURANT BOARD GOING TO PULL POWER, WATER, AND OTHER UTILITIES FROM THE REC CENTER TO MAKE THE RESTAURANT MORE PROFITABLE?  WELL IT DANG’ SURE SEEMS THAT WAY.  Obviously it seems the board wants everyone to think they are so “streetsmart” but in fact aren’t or ever have been.  Again, with over 45 restaurants in our Anthem area from fast food to fine dining York Town doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance.