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Can You Fix Stupid…Those that have tried to make a difference…this could happen to you.

My encounter for the brief time I was board member, after filing my application for BOD, I received a certified letter from Adam Clarkson (SCA attorney) there were allegations I had physically and sexually harassed an ex-female employee, that quit, sued, and was paid off. Much to my surprise of false charges and unaware of any allegations, I called Clarkson for details. He refused to provide any details stating confidential, and I must disclose on my application for BOD. When I confronted him, those charges were a felony, he denied stating a civil matter. After I advised him, I was ex-law enforcement familiar with the laws, his attitude changed, he backed off and did not want me to disclose allegations of physical and sexual harassment knowing very well they were false and opened himself and SCA to a civil suit. He then notified I was fully vetted and could run for the board. Once on the board, Sandy Seddon (COO) called me into her office stating she and I had a problem that I had said terrible things about her, and I must change my attitude. Hearing that and finding out three current board members were in a meeting allowing Clarkson to drum up the false charges… I resigned, knowing I would be put in the closet, unable to do good for SCA, and I was a threat to management.