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Elizabeth Breier

Interesting that the Board President, Stephen Anderson, only recently posted a verbose article in which he went on about how we must all “live by” the rules and regulations to keep our community “looking good and maintaining aesthetic appeal”.  He also stated that we all must “live by” these rules, not just “your neighbor but also for you”.   “The rules that every resident has agreed to live by…” have changed not to the betterment of the community but rather to its detriment.

There is nothing about having strangers driving through our local streets and parking wherever they feel it is convenient that makes our community “look good”.  Certainly, displaying junk in the neighbors’ driveways does nothing to “maintain aesthetic appeal”.

The rules that once helped entice some of us to move to this community have been abandoned in favor of a few who cannot be bothered to bring their “old stuff” to the parking lot at Anthem Center or sell their wares on a myriad of websites that accommodate same.

Further, when we moved to the community it was clear that estate sales were not permissible.  That rule too has been abandoned in favor of allowing constant estate sale s and many of those are not because it is a true “estate”‘ being sold off, but because residents are trying to get around the “no private garage sale rules”.   In changing the rules to accommodate residents (some of whom have no vested interest, since they are renters, the Board has diminished our community and made it very common in addition to causing potential for more illegal activities.

The Management must love the idea of the neighborhood garage sales in lieu of the Parking Lot sales since they no longer have to deal with the work that entails for them in set up and coordinating same in favor of a map directing strangers to our neighborhoods and homes.

Some complain that it is too difficult for them to move their items to the Parking Lot at Anthem Center – well, to quote Stephen Anderson “please remember you have agreed to follow and abide by these rules”.  You knew when you purchased or rented a home here there were no garage sales allowed at all.

I am very disappointed that this new way of life is becoming part of our community.