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Rana Goodman

Analysis of Crime in Sun City Anthem through June 2022

Henderson is rated the second-safest large city in America. Many thanks to our Henderson Police Department and our Neighborhood Watch Program volunteers!  Even better, our SCA crime rate is only a quarter of Henderson’s. In SCA, the annual likelihood of any home experiencing a crime is less than half of 1%.


·        Through 6 months of 2022 we have had 13 burglaries and 3 thefts for our 7,144 homes.  For comparison, we had 17 burglaries in all of 2021.  Burglaries are up in 2022!

Where did the crimes occur?

·        The 13 burglaries occurred in Canyon Crest (4), Tall Mesa (3), and 1 each in Big Sky, Foothills, Golf Mesa, Hillside, Pinnacle and Westridge.

·        The 3 thefts were: Theft of wallet at an evening event at Anthem Center, a vehicle break-in at Anthem Center parking lot, and the theft of iPhone from the gym at Anthem Center.

When did the crimes occur?

·        Three of the burglaries occurred when the owner was out of town.

·        The rest occurred when the residents were out for local trips, often as brief as 20 minutes, during the afternoon or evening hours.

How did the crimes occur?

·        Five were through the front door

·        Five were through windows

·        Three were through the sliding-glass door.

·        A crowbar was often used

Lessons Learned!

·        INSTALL VIDEO MONITORING, ESPECIALLY A VIDEO DOORBELL!  There was no video monitoring in place, except for one case where it deterred the burglars.

·        KEEP VALUABLES AND GUNS IN A SECURE SAFE!  In all cases, stolen valuables and guns were not stored in a secure safe or other secure areas.

·        DO A HOME SECURITY CHECK: SCA website under Home Security Tips, HPD come to your home to do a checkup, follow the checklist by HPD.