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Stephen Anderson

I would like to respond to Mr. Orth and his misinformation on the Anthem Community Council (ACC).

First, neither I nor anyone else on the Board of Directors of Sun City Anthem voted to provide the ACC with $15 to $20 M over a ten-year period.  The Sun City Board of Directors does not vote on what is the business of ACC.  ACC has put forth a $15 to $20 million dollar plan for landscape and maintenance improvements with $10M to be raised over a 10-year period. ACC has outlined a plan where they will raise the assessments of a little over 13,000 rooftops that make up the 6 HOAs (Anthem Highlands, Solera, Sun City Anthem, Terra Bella, Anthem Country Club and Coventry) in the Anthem Community.  Sun City Anthem accounts for around 52% of the total rooftops and thus accounts for 52% of the budget of ACC.

Despite Mr. Orth’s beliefs about ACC, ACC is an independent legal corporation in the State of Nevada. If you have any doubt of this, please visit the Anthem Community Council website and read their By-Laws, CC&R’s, and Articles of Incorporation.  You can further find their 2022 budget and minutes.  If you read these documents and our own legal documents, you will find that we are obligated to pay ACC assessments.  What would happen if we did not pay?  According to our legal counsel if we were to stop payment, the ACC would sue, and they would win.  Paying for all of our legal costs and 52% of the costs of the ACC legal expenses hardly sounds like a good use of your money.

Do I have concerns about ACC?  Yes, I do.  I am concerned about their lack of open bidding on their projects.  I have expressed concern about the lack of timely communication to their stakeholders and I have suggested that they look at revising their plans for the re-landscaping of the areas they are responsible for.  For example, I have suggested that they look more seriously at the use of metal art and sculptures in the medians.  I have seen many attractive medians in Las Vegas done in this manner.  There is no need to water and little maintenance other than spraying for weeds several times a year.

Whether you choose to vote for me to serve a two year or one year term is in your hands.  I would remind readers that on February 11, Mr. Orth posted the following in Anthem Today.

“Adding to Rana’s comments, I too wish to add my congratulations and appreciation to Steve. I met with Steve back in September and voiced my concerns about both Anthem Council and the Audit Committee. Since that meeting, we have been in communication, and both of us have expressed our viewpoints. I was somewhat surprised, but absolutely delighted, with Steve’s comments. I am certain he knows my support for the necessary changes to both AC and the Audit Committee, and, like Rana, will do my best to attend the next AC meeting.” Nelson Orth

I will always pledge to you that while I will not agree or vote in the manner that some people will want me to, I will always explain to you why I voted the way I did and to give you the factual basis for making my decisions.

When it comes to ACC, please read the documents on the ACC website and our own legal documents to see how SCA and ACC are connected to each other and our obligation to fund what ACC assesses us.  Also, please attend the ACC quarterly meetings and speak out.  I have gone to past meetings and have spoken out.  Rana has gone to past meetings and spoken out.  Of late I have not seen Mr. Orth attending or speaking out rather than to make postings that contain misinformation.  While I am certain this statement will result in a retort from him, I am not here to engage in debating him but rather than to direct you to where you can read for yourself the truth of the matter.