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Rana Goodman

Mr. Anderson:

I am shocked and amazed at your response to my comments. You may not have realized it, but you have admitted that you are the leader of an oligarchy with no interest or consideration on the financial status of the SCA homeowners. You state that you do not want to spend $5,000 because, you believe, there are many residents who believe in your position of moving forward with a restaurant. Do you not know that January’s inflation rate was 7.5% which is the highest in the past four decades. And unless this countries energy polices change, that inflation rate will not fluctuate much. Yet you are willing to commit $200,000 to $300,000 to a restaurant project that, by your own admission, will be a losing proposition for at least the next four years. Assuming that is correct, and I believe it is, what additional funds must be committed to keep this restaurant afloat? $5,000 for a survey is a drop in the bucket considering our $9M budget. But as the leader of this oligarchy, you answer to no one, nor do you have to consider the financial status of the SCA homeowners. This project is doomed to failure, and I believe a survey will confirm my belief.

Now to the Anthem Community Council. You state that SCA is “required” to pay our assessments to ACC. I challenge you to show me one law or one regulation, or one sentence that “requires” SCA to pay one dime to ACC, an organization that is not even recognized by the City of Henderson. And your statement that SCA has committed $15 to $20M because ACC voted on that proposal, and we were obligated to agree is absolutely insane. This is a classic example of the tail wagging the dog, and a distinction without a difference. The management company of ACC is FirstService Residential (FSR). Do you remember who our management company was before we went to our current management system. It was FSR. And why did we terminate their services? Because we found that FSR was using SCA funds to support other FSR contracted HOAs. Does this information, in any way, concern you? You have no clue where our $633,000/year that we send to ACC is spent. And where is the plan for how and where the $15M to $20M is going to be spent? We all know there is not one. But, as the head of our oligarchy, there is no concern on your part where our money goes or how it is spent.

And finally, your statement “mandated City of Henderson directives” which ACC, according to them, must be followed. I suspect that I have read portions of the Henderson Municipal Codes (HMC), and the Henderson Master Plan more than most. These are the two documents (both of which are very lengthy) which we, as citizens of the COH, must follow. I cannot remember any mention of the term “Anthem Community Council”, and hence, I do not believe for one minute that the COH has any authority to direct any person or organization in the Anthem Community. But I have a name who supposedly provided these directives. It may take me awhile, but I will either confirm my belief or admit my error. And I promise to let you readers know.