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Stephen Anderson

I am pleased that Rana’s column has generated this interest in the Anthem Council.  No matter what you believe about Anthem Council, it is important that residents understand what Anthem Community Council is about, how it is a legally structured, and the relationship of it to the six HOA’s that contribute to the Council.

The council has seven directors of which there is one for each of the six HOA’s and one director who is a member-at-large and can be from any of the six communities. Art Shuetz is the appointed SCA Board representative to the Anthem Council.  This SCA Board has expressed confidence in him due to his work in getting an advisory board put together (mostly SCA residents) and in bringing greater planning and forward thinking to the ACC.

There are those that urge us to bring a legal lawsuit against them to make changes, allow us out of the organization or for us to just stop paying dues.  However, we would pay for all of our legal fees and 52% of their legal fees.  We have explored that with our legal counsel and he advises not only would it be expensive, but it is a case we most likely would lose.  That does not mean we could not do it, but it would be costly.

The ACC plan will be developed into phases and will be based upon priorities established before implementation.

If Mr. Orth thinks my comments on the light poles are misguided or out of touch, I am happy to stand corrected.  I admit that I can be wrong at times.  However, based upon what I have been told I believe my comments on why ACC buys the light poles for the City is correct.  Does this mean that ACC could not try to change its agreement with the City of Henderson?  Certainly they can try as that is their decision to make.

ACC is one of the largest expenses to the residents of Sun City Anthem and I am happy to see this interest.  As a director on the SCA Board, I am always open to hearing your ideas on this subject and in looking at what SCA can do within the law.