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Mr. Sectary,

Where you come up with this latest rant, it obviously somewhere in a mind that is so full of hatred, that it needs help, serious help.

This one took the cake.

“As for BLM and the voters, “Dick,” you bank on the notion that Americans are by-and-large a racist lot.  I think you’ll be sadly disappointed to learn that American’s are NOT racists, and they won’t tolerate racism, either.”

I’m the one who is stating all Americans are racists?  You are sick.

I’m the one who looked at BLM and they plainly questioned the patriotism of any person who honored the American flag. I produced proof of some of their leaders being convicted terrorists, and and showed how little of their contributions are being used in support of their cause.

Last summer I saw numerous individuals flying BLM flags while burning down small businesses and looting anything in sight.

Oh yeah, Sectary, you should be proud of the accomplishments of this group that has harmed and frightened more people in our nation since the Weatherman did in the 60s.

Sorry Sectary, I don’t buy violence of any kind and trying to justify it by using examples of others who do, is a pathetic, and I might add, a typical argument of a person whose hatred of one individual is always used over and over again.

As I previously said, it’s old, and you need to get on with your life, the “new and improved one” that has open borders, unlawful immigration,  increased dependence on foreign oil, massive inflation, likely increased taxes, and churning out money so as to create an atmosphere of “why work, the government will pay us more if we don’t”.

That’s your “new and improved America”, Sectary, and to those of us who have witnessed it, now see how destructive to the American spirit and lifestyle has become.

In my opinion, your rants should frighten any resident of our community. You’re obvious hatred  surpasses any form of sanity.

As I have previously stated, let the voters decide in ’22 if they wish your kind should guide our nation.  If that be the case, God help us all.

PS…see the latest BLM tweet?

Now they’re blaming the USA for  the “inhumane treatment of Cubans”, not the Cuban government, but the USA.  And this organization is an American asset?

Need a free one way ticket there, Sectary?  I’ll pay.