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Rana Goodman

Shawn, I love and agree with the following examples, especially Dr. Suess,………

What is “verbal abuse,” “intimidation,” “bullying,” “profane language,” and “unwelcome conduct”? Those words seem vague to me.  Could I get a fine for swearing? Could I get a fine for being critical of a board or a management decision? Could I get a fine for reading Dr. Seuss in public?

However the rule that was in the Spirit insert is overly broad reaching and yet vague on some points. By stating that it includes “other communication mediums.” Do they plan on infringing on my constitutional rights to publish commentary in our magazine, The Vegas Voice, or my Vegas Voice You Tube channel feature, Rana’s Rants which would push on Freedom of Speech and the right as media to publish editorials and commentary??

I am not talking about foul language, or anything else which is inappropriate, however I do reserve the right to express my opinion. I once contacted an attorney to assist me in getting a restraining order against a blogger who was attacking me on a regular basis. I was advised “you have a blog, he has a blog so you both put it out there. It is called freedom of speech and expression.” 

The very idea that our BOD is putting fear in residents with this resolution, is, in my opinion, also creating a hostile environment in our community. The resolution needs to exists, I agree but should be more clear in it’s wording. No insult to you Shawn, since I know you are an attorney, but the BOD’s attorney has written this document leaving me with a feeling that his foot in on the head of us all….. THAT is not acceptable to me.