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A great article, Dan, and your comment  about book burning, Liz, should not be taken lightly.

This time the envelope has been pushed past the point of common sense and decency. 

It violates freedoms each American is guaranteed in the US Constitution, both speech and the press, and it will accomplish nothing other then alienation among those who once called themselves friends.

To those who believe such action is justified, remember the British tried this same tactic in the mid-1770s.  It cost them their colonies. 

The dates have changed, but the true American ideology has not.

Freedom was the basis on which this nation was  built, and when any force or individual in history tried to take it from us, we fought, and WE WON. 

Those who believe that not to be the truth, history will prove you WRONG and you will LOSE. 

Americans are a tough breed and we can be pushed only so far before we will act. 

Freedom is an American right and the American dream.  Removing it, removes the spirit of it’s core of beliefs.

To those who were responsible for making this travesty a reality, they should lose  the respect of every individual in Sun City Anthem who calls themselves an American.

As Thomas Paine once said, “These are times that try men’s souls.”

If this isn’t enough reason to strongly suggest IMMEDIATE termination of any relationship with the association attorney who drafted this damning document, as well as,  NOT RENEWING the contract of the  CEO when it renews in 2022, in addition to possibly RECALLING any of the directors who will remain on the Board after May, 2021 who believed such action should become the law of our the land,  then our community will do little other than contribute to the destruction of America as we know it.

Do such individuals deserve to have any part of our community governance?

People, if this is allowed to stand, and we as a community stand by and allow it, it will be a matter of time…a short time…before our community morally disintegrates.