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Rana Goodman

Thank you Dick:

It is really interesting to see how “the blogger” makes things fit his own agenda. He commented today “when she didn’t like one of my posts she sent the police to my door”  Truth be told, it was after months of mean spirited attacks and vicious posting on his blog that I called the police and asked how I get a restraining order to stop the harassment. I was told it would be very hard, if not impossible and HPD offered to send an officer to talk to him.

The officer came to my home first and I showed him some of the posts. I recall telling him I just wanted that man to forget me name and leave me alone…. It seems when the officer then went to the blogger’s home I was made to look like a complete baby.

I guess, under “freedom of speech” he will continue as he always has but not I don’t have to acknowledge him.