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Ann Bocchino

WOW…thank you for sharing this Dan.  You certainly were put through the wringer and you DO prove that we Bronx folks are some of the toughest cookies anywhere; knock us down, but we get right back up!  Bob and I congratulate you on picking yourself up and becoming the successful man you are.  The thought that an individual would threaten to expose a past indiscretion over an election for a seat on a HOA Board of Directors is just beyond belief.  THIS IS NOT A PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY, Mr. Berman; how juvenile and vindictive can you be!  Hold your head up high Dan and soldier on with yours and Rana’s assistance to the senior community here in the Las Vegas Valley.  We appreciate you more than you could ever know.  Congratulations Rana…I was so thrilled to see that you were the #1 vote getter in the Board election despite every attempt to drag you through the mud.  I hope the Board will recognize the value you and Karen bring and allow you to put some of your ideas on the table and implement them.

Ann and Bob Bocchino