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In response to the entire discussion of whether or not the proposed restaurant maintains the status of being an “amenity” we say “so what?”  Relative to  being on the verge of making yet another huge mistake, this hyperbolic and distractive discussion is a waste of time and if carried to its logical extreme, the amenity issue will continue to be a major distraction … the real issue and the most important question being:  Is opening yet another restaurant a sound, properly vetted and appropriately financed business decision that is desired and approved by a majority of SCA residents; or is it the product of misguided and emotional decisions made by a select few who have chosen to run roughshod over the residents’ wishes by refusing to even ask the question to find out what the majority really want?

The amenity discussion is mildly interesting yet totally irrelevant.   For those who remember, it is reminiscent of the cleverly deceptive and distractive sophistry of Bill Clinton’s interview when he said, “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”  Seriously?  Again, those capable of staying focused on the truly important issue are watching in dismay as this debacle unfolds and in response to the amenity issue are saying, “So what?”  The posts are getting longer and the discussion is becoming increasingly tedious while the central issue gets sidelined.   Could it be that that’s the strategy of those in charge?

Let’s stay focused on the real issue.  If the majority wants this venture to happen and is willing to take the inevitable financial hit, then it should probably happen.  We’ll have made our own bed … again … and again, we’ll have to lie in it.  But if not, it should be squelched and the Board needs to step up, do its job and find some other creative and appropriate use for the space.  But if anyone thinks the costs scheduled for absorption by the residents are going to magically get handled by someone else’s fairy godmother, think again and keep a close eye on your next few annual assessments to see exactly how much this will end up costing your household.  From an intelligent business perspective, whether the restaurant survives or not (and it probably won’t) this proposal is a loser and every one of us will eventually bear the burden of paying for it.  That said, we should all be given the courtesy of the opportunity vote on it and the majority opinion should prevail.  We firmly believe the Board is resisting a fair, democratic process because they fear the answer … and we challenge them to prove we’re wrong by doing the right thing and bringing this volatile issue to a full community-wide vote.

If the Board feels so strongly that the restaurant idea is a good business decision, perhaps they should volunteer to stand financially liable for all losses so that the rest of SCA is held harmless.  In exchange for their risk, I would even agree to let them keep the “profits” should there ever be any.