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Mr. Burch is entitled to his opinion; however, we’d appreciate telling us what law school he graduated to make such a statement, unless it is the University of Adam Clarkson OR The University of Bull Sheet.

What it all boils down to is the fear that VERY FEW PEOPLE wanted anything to do with this restaurant deal once the the actual “sell out”  provisions of the lease were disclosed.

Then to add insult to injury, more additional information on the G2G individuals involved ?

Is this guy actually going to support a belief that we must have a restaurant as an amenity knowing the vetting was at best, FLAWED in light of the recent disclosures?

That because of his belief that a restaurant is an amenity, the entire community must SUFFER CONTINUAL FINANCIAL LOSS YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR ???

Rana, this individual is the same person who was supposed to be on a REMOVAL BALLOT which both you and I know, provided sufficient proof that the accounting firm that counted the petitions during the removal process,  and REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE POSITIVE PROOF that was presented to both the General Manager and Nevada Real Estate Division, to place him on that ballot.

Burch,  and the Board to which he was a member, likely knew EXACTLY what was going on, and he didn’t say a word, did he?

Instead, he and the Board, STONEWALLED THE TRUTH to keep him off that ballot.

Does anyone really believe the “coincidence” that his “sudden” departure from the Board, coupled with the Board choice of his replacement,  Aletta Waterhouse, who had received 40% of the votes cast to remove her, followed by her loss at the ballot box shortly thereafter, wasn’t somehow contrived…especially after Burch made it known HE WAS NOT GOING TO RUN FOR REELECTION ????

For that reason alone, anything that would come from that individual’s pen would be SUBJECT AT BEST as to credibility.

He was and always will be “MACHINE”, a sad chapter of incompetence in Sun City Anthem history.