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Hi Tom,

I know OSCAR has replied to you directly but thought I’d post a summary here for all those on Rana’s forum who may have the same questions you do.

Since our community letter was received, the OSCAR leadership group has received a number of comments and questions about our group and the removal election.

This is a summary of information we have provided in response to these communications.

Because of the requirement to provide the mail house with our letter at least 10 days before the mailing, some of the information in the letter was superseded by changes reported at the September 28 Board meeting. For example, we didn’t know that three directors, instead of four, would be subject to recall. And the change in dates related to the election meant that our letter was received earlier than we would have liked.

No SCA funds were used for the mailing, which was a completely private project. The entire amount was donated by many of the several hundred volunteers who joined OSCAR to help defeat the removal of the targeted directors. All of us in OSCAR believe SCA is being well managed and is on the right track, and we don’t want to see our community thrown into chaos. There is nothing in it for us except to maintain the stability of the Association.

The seven people who signed the letter constitute our steering group. They are all former SCA directors who were elected to the Board by our homeowners. They have personal knowledge of how tough things were in the past under our former management company, They have nothing to gain personally, except to see our community continue to build on the progress made by the self-management team who have been in place since the spring of 2016.

We were asked why there was not a special assessment, instead of a dues increase, to pay for the costs of repairing Liberty Center. Unlike many area HOAs, Sun City anthem has never needed a special assessment due to our conservative financial management. The legal case is currently in mediation. If SCA receives a settlement, the Board would make a decision on how to apply the funds, with several options available. One likely result would be to return it to the reserves.

We were also asked what the process would be if there are successful removals and Board vacancies need to be filled.

Even if all three targeted directors are removed, there will still remain four Board members who will have to follow the law in filling the openings. Statute authorizes this to be done by appointment until the next regularly scheduled Board election. This is what they did to fill a vacancy at the most recent Board meeting, so we assume this would be the procedure.

Hope this answers your questions