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Did the “other guy” and I read the same article?  He referred to your comments as “Nazi”.  Why, because you used the word “purify”?  Wonder what he calls Purified Water?  I think he has finally gone all the way around the bend.

How dare he refer to you using the word “Nazi”, a Jewish woman.  That is totally rude, revolting and reprehensible and he owes you and every Jewish resident in SCA a written apology.  But we know that will never happen, because he is never wrong.

Yes, I signed all the petitions.  The last time I spoke at a board meeting, I had to stop in the middle and ask all the board members and staff to please stop looking at their computers and phones and some of the board members to uncross their arms and look at me.  They demand that we give them our full attention and courtesy when speaking, but heaven forbid they should give a resident the same courtesy.

And, my personal interaction with Ms. Seddon is the reason I signed that petition.  She has been rude and arrogant towards me and I have witnessed the same to other residents.  And please don’t tell me that she took a pay cut to come here.  Even in California a 700 unit HOA does not pay a manager over $250K.  She is responsible for three rec centers, not the 7100 homes we all live in.  We take care of our own homes and landscaping.  Give me a break.

Patsy McCarthy – See, I’m not afraid to sign my real full name, unlike readers of the “other guy’s” blog.