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Rana Goodman

Between Ron Johnson’s blog and David Berman’s blog today I read two comments that were so silly normally I would just ignore them. However, they are a perfect example, in MY HUMBLE OPINION of why there is so must discontent in our beautiful community.

First Ron’s blog comes out with a quote from Bob Burch titled CRIME: What did director Bob feel was the crime, the fact that some bloggers, (I guess that would be Dick Arendt and me) didn’t and don’t attend the finance committee meetings. To quote, “it reflects their lack of interest in the financial facts of SCA.”  I wonder if Mr. Burch understands that both Dick and I have associates, some that have served on that committee and others that attend those meetings, each and every one, that fill us both in on the financial facts regularly. No one has to attend each and every meeting to know what one NEEDS TO KNOW. There are many ways to do that.

As for David Berman’s comment later this morning; before I quote that, let me pose a question to anyone reading this. If you were an executive of a large corporation, let us say in the HR department and you received a petition of complaint against another executive signed by a very large number of employees, hundreds of them. Although you didn’t feel the complaint warranted dismissal of the other executive would you place the petition in their permanent file, after all, that is a substantial number of unhappy employees. Or would you just toss it in the trash?

Because the 800 plus residents who signed the petition against Sandy Seddon David believes it should just be tossed in the trash since the signers are a small percentage of the total residency of SCA. Why them do we need an ARC review to approve 1 home owners plans, that is a smaller percentage of the 7,144 homes here? If the opinion of opinion of 800 plus residents don’t count enough to even CONSIDER the boards discussion with the GM why is that number even ABOVE the requirement for a recall election  of board members in the first place?  It obviously is not a “nothing number” as David Berman thinks!

No wonder there is so much discontent in SCA!