A Question of Character – Part 1

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A Question of Character – Part 1

It’s been nearly a week since I fully disclosed what “that blogger” described as “something very bad that Roberts has done in his personal life.”

Did you see or read his follow-up post? Neither have I.

That blogger claimed that many months ago he was “provided with verified documentation” about my personal life over something “much, much worse” than anything that he did.

Who is he kidding? Does anyone really believe the documentation was “provided” to him by somebody else?

You think it was during a late night meeting in an underground garage similar to Woodward & Bernstein in the movie “All the President’s Men”? Or do you think that blogger and only that blogger tried to find “dirt” on yours truly?

And more importantly and regarding that blogger’s character, what do you think his reaction was once he obtained such “verified documentation”?

  1. What a sad and tragic story; or
  2. It happened nearly 20 years ago and has nothing to do with Sun City Anthem, or

While I (and his few friends, neighbors and anyone who has ever had any contact with him) have no doubt that the blogger couldn’t contain his glee over my past, can you imagine his disappointment when my “mea culpa” was published in the other 2 SCA blogs – and his threat to expose my “past misdeed” was already an “open book” for all to know.

Character counts and his past actions (and now non-actions) speaks volumes.  

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