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What Would You Do?


Knowing what is the right thing to do can sometimes be a very difficult decision. You can ask yourself am I sticking my nose in where it does not belong? Am I doing so because I have no choice? Would someone or some living being possibly be harmed if I didn’t speak up and intercede?

I am the type of person who has always fought those “windmills,” many times to my own detriment, but that is who I am and at this age, I have accepted that it is who I will always be. But let me lay out a scenario for you, let me ask you, what would YOU do?

A woman of senior age, living in your own community, very obviously has dementia, but is very sweet and friendly to her neighbors. A relative shares the home with her, but seems to be mostly oblivious to her condition, although he pays the bills and makes sure there is food in the home, etc.

On occasion, the lady has been seen roaming through the neighborhood and doesn’t seem to remember the way home, but since she does not roam far, kindly neighbors always seem to steer her back home safely.

Not too long ago she reportedly began spending quite a bit of time in the recreation center, as many of us do when we especially want company. However, one day it seems she went for a swim and it seemed while in the pool somehow, slipped under the water. Thank goodness some other residents spotted her and all was well.

We have Community Service Club manned by some wonderful and caring folks. We have The Foundation Assisting Seniors, set up to assist seniors in need. We have Elder Protective Services, paid by our tax dollars to protect the weak and infirm but that might cause the involvement of guardianship. So as a concerned neighbor, finding that the relative just “doesn’t get it”, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?






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  1. Rana,

    With the all the political advertisements being thrown at us, one (and probably more) has caught my attention due to the closeness of your work, and that is;

    The connection between Cortez Masto and your Guardianship program.

    Note I have not commented either way, but merely am wondering if during your fine work, if (she) helped or hindered the process?


    • While she was in office she hindered the process more than anyone would believe. Many, many complaints were made to her office about Jared Shafer and yet she refused to prosecute him for anything. She kept stating that it was not within her jurisdiction. The ads that you see on TV showing the veteran in the wheelchair is very true. He lived right here in Anthem, Mr. Olvera had more than $400,000 taken from him in an un needed guardianship by Shafer and Masto would not lift a finger nor would anyone else at the time. When his daughter decided to put him in her car and take him to her home in California late one night, a warrant was issued for her on a kidnapping charge. She fought to free him for years before he died. Now don’t you think a woman with a home in California should be able to take her newly widowed father home and care for him without interference? The TOP COP in our state at the time didn’t see it that way!

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